About Tom’s Pest Control

Tom’s Pest Control Sydney is a leader in the pest control services sector of Australia. Our commitment to providing permanent solutions and our focus on service and quality allows us to dominate the industry with superior service standards.

Our Services

We offer effective pest control and extermination services for all types of pests. Not only does our service eliminate these pests, it also makes your property a clean, safe, and healthy environment again. Our pest control include the following:
  • Ant control services
  • Cockroach extermination services
  • Fly infestation treatment
  • Spider control services
  • Termite control services
  • Wasp treatment and wasp nest removal services
  • Bird control services
  • Beetle pest control
  • Mosquito control services
  • Rodent treatment services
  • Moth treatment and removal
  • Bed bug extermination services
  • Wood borer treatment
  • Flea treatment
  • Fox trapping and removal services
  • Mite treatment services
  • Possum control services
  • Silverfish removal service
Our company is the go-to place for both businesses and homeowners looking for first-class exterminators needing a pest control service.

What Makes Our Service Experience Unique

Having been in this industry for many years, Tom’s Pest Control understands what our customers require to keep their home pest-free. Not only do we deliver the first-class they should expect, we offer our exceptional services at competitive prices.

Complete Solutions

Tom’s Pest Control offer solutions that address every aspect of a pest infestation. In addition to our pest treatment services, we will also determine the reasons that caused the infestation to begin with. This helps us to solve this problem and ensure that pests don’t come back.

Our pest control procedure involves a four-stage process:

  • Inspection
  • Treatment plan
  • Pest extermination
  • Ongoing prevention

Premium Technology, Effective Procedures

Tom’s Pest Control ensures that we are always ahead of the curve to deliver the best results to our customers. We use the latest technology and standardised procedures that make our pest control services successful and cost-effective. With digital cameras, infrared thermometers, motion-sensing cameras, moisture meters, high power stereo microscopes, and other equipment, our work will be completed much quicker.

Safe, Family-Friendly Services

Naturally, you would want your property to be a safe environment. This is why we prefer to use non-chemical treatment solutions to minimise the effects our work has on your environment.

Although we do use chemical treatments if the property has a high level of infestation, we only use industry-approved products that are safe for humans and pets to be near.

Qualified & Experienced Technicians

Tom’s Pest Control hires local pest control experts who can provide our customers with immediate treatment solutions. All our exterminators are APCA and TAFE-certified, meaning you will get the best pest infestation removal services available in Sydney.

They all have many years of experience in exterminating pests around residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Competitive Prices, Upfront Quotes

We offer our pest treatment services at a very affordable price and are adamant about providing great work for our customers. Before hiring us for our services, we can give you an obligation-free quote so you understand what our work will entail.

Professional, Hassle-Free Service Experience

Tom’s Pest Control understands that clear communication is critical in providing great service. Get in touch with us either on the phone or online to ask any questions or to explain any issues. After completing our inspection, our team member will explain the treatment plan to you, the possible need for a follow up treatment, instructions to the property’s owners, and other information. We want to ensure that you get a professional and straight-forward experience if you hire us.

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Do you have any questions about our company, our services, or anything related to pest control? Call us today on (02) 8073 9252 or use our contact form to contact our pest control staff. We will provide you with the answers you need, an upfront quote, and high-quality services.