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Is there a high beetle population lurking around your home or commercial space? Do you want an effective beetle treatment for your Sydney property to control these pests?

Speak to sydney based Tom’s Pest Control today. We are the number one beetle pest control company in Sydney.

Our exterminators can eliminate various types of beetles from both residential and commercial buildings. Our services will ensure that your environment will be healthy and safe for your family, staff, pets, and yourself.

Beetle Species In Sydney

There around 1500 species of beetles living around Sydney. This means that there is a high chance of your home encountering the below ant species, and others:
  • Carpet beetles
  • Christmas beetles
  • Botany Bay weevils
  • Ladybirds
  • Fiddler beetles
  • Cowboy beetles
  • Eucalyptus beetles
  • Feather horned beetles
  • Plague soldier beetles
All of these beetles look unique, have different characteristics, and cause differing levels of harm to humans, pets, and plants.

Why Beetle Treatment Is Required

Beetles are tiny, irritating insects that can be easy to miss with the naked eye. But the damage they can cause will be more than noticeable.

Although the majority of beetles do not sting, some of them do bite humans and animals. Beetle stings are painful and usually cause allergic reactions.

Many types of beetles can seriously damage the interior of your property:

  • Carpet beetles can damage carpets, fabrics, pulp, wood, and anything made from animal products.
  • Spider beetles enjoy dark and damp conditions like attics, wall cavities, and floorboard cracks.
  • Powderpost beetles are often found in dead or dried lumber, and damage wood products
Carpet beetles are perhaps the most likely type of beetle that will be giving you grief. They are known to invade warehouses, houses, and many other types of buildings where they look for food. While adult carpet beetles feed on pollen and nectar, their larvae can cause very serious damage to your home! This is why finding an effective carpet beetle control service is essential for those in Sydney who want to keep their property safe from insects.

Our Beetle Treatment Procedure

Tom’s Pest Control is available to exterminate all types of pests, and this includes our beetle pest control service that achieves long-term results. Our four-step beetle treatment services can reduce the likelihood of beetles affecting your property and plants.


Once you have called us to request a beetle pest control service, our certified technicians will drive to your property and inspect it. The inspection will reveal what type of beetle you are dealing with, the reasons why beetles have infested your property, any damage they have caused, the scope of the infestation, and other information.

Treatment Plan

Our technician will design a pest control plan for your property based on the results of their inspection. The beetle treatment plan for your Sydney property will include the type of treatment involved, the expected duration of the work, guidelines for occupants to follow, the expected outcome, and more.

Treatment And Eradication

Our beetle pest control expert will complete the extermination process. This includes using industry-approved pesticides that will kill every adult beetle, their eggs, and the larvae.

We will advise you not to enter the property while the treatment is happening inside your property. There are occasionally times when we will conduct a second beetle treatment to your Sydney property to make sure that all of the beetles have been eliminated.

Future Prevention Tips

As good as our beetle pest control service is, we can provide you with tips to prevent another infestation from any type of beetle. Regularly vacuuming your carpets and washing your clothes will greatly help to reduce the chances of infestation happening again.

Tom’s Pest Control Experience

Every exterminator hired by Tom’s Pest Control is dedicated to giving our customers an exceptional service. We have established our business as a premium pest control service through that has served Sydney-based residents and business over the years.

Some traits that make our beetle pest control services the best choice for your needs include:

  • Trained, certified, and experienced beetle pest control technicians
  • Fast same or next day service
  • Safe, family-friendly treatment procedures
  • Comprehensive and competitive upfront quote
  • Use of modern pest control equipment
  • A friendly and transparent service
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

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