Bird Control Services In Sydney

Birds know that they can find food, breeding grounds, and safety from predators around human habitats, such as homes and workplaces. While most birds do not bother people, some of them can be a major bother to both homeowners and businesses.

If you are fed up with birds hanging around, then you should consider hiring a bird control service for your Sydney property.

Tom’s Pest Control is a bird removal company with a team of skilled and qualified bird prevention specialists who use effective techniques to help our customers. We understand that some birds can cause trouble and frustration, and we can help you.

Common Pest Birds Seen Around Sydney

Businesses and homeowners often have the tedious and sometimes futile task of trying to get rid of the following types of birds:
  • Seagulls
  • Starlings
  • Pigeons
  • Indian myna
  • Sparrows
As a chief Sydney bird removal company with many years of experience under our belts, our experts are qualified to provide bird removal services for all pest bird species. If you have any questions or have specific requirements, speak to our bird netting and control specialists today.

Tackling birds menace on your solar power plants


The number of solar plants has steadily increased in the recent past both in commercial as well as residential areas. This has led to increased interaction between birds and solar panels. Birds tend to cause multiple damages to solar panels like droppings, feathers and nests, which can cause fire and diseases and may impact the efficiency of the solar plant.

Solar panels act as a habitat for the birds to make their nests under the panels and lay eggs. It provides the birds with a warm and safe harbourage.


Damage that birds cause to the solar plant


Birds can cause various damage to the solar panels, including the cabling, wiring, and PV panels. 

  • The bird dropping causes a considerable reduction in the effective area for sunlight incidence and thus, reduces the power generated and decreases the efficiency as well as profits.
  • Getting the panels cleaned requires a professional PV panel-cleaning agency and that could be a costly affair if it is required frequently.
  • Bird droppings are highly corrosive and can damage your solar panels’ exterior and interior components, affecting your investment negatively.
  • The nesting material and dried droppings are potential causes of fire and major asset loss. 
  • Solar panels lead to an increase in bird population and thus could be a cause of multiple diseases. The birds are the reason behind at least 60 different diseases as per the study. Their dried droppings get carried away by the wind and can cause breathing difficulties for people living close by.


Effective bird proofing ways to protect your solar panels


Bird proofing is required to save your solar panels from damage and consequential losses in investment. There are multiple ways to birdproof your solar panels. These have to be selected carefully based on the location, bird species, and nesting habits.

  1. Bird Spikes-These are available in plastic and stainless steel materials. They prohibit bird landing on areas of installation and deter roosting/ nesting. Thus, reducing the menace of droppings.
  2. Protective Barriers-This is perhaps the most effective way of preventing pigeons or other birds to nest under the solar panels. It involves installing wire mesh-like material around the solar panels.
  3. Gas cannons– This device creates a loud noise by firing gas and scares the birds away. Slowly the birds stop confluence near the cannon.
  4. Scareman-These are suitable for areas that require noise limits to adhere to. These are in the form of an artificial bird of prey with moving wings so that the smaller birds like pigeons do not come near.
  5. Eagle eye-This uses a method to reflect sunlight and create light beams. The birds feel them as physical objects and are thus repelled.


Customised solutions for bird control


Birds can cause frustration when they make your property their habitat. If you are fed up with bird infestation on your property and want to get rid of it, get in touch with us!

At Tom’s pest control, we have experts who can suggest you the best and most cost-effective way to bird-proof your solar panels. Please call us for a free inspection and quote. Once you give a clearance, our team acts quickly to protect and bird-proof your solar panels.

Why You Need To Control The Birds Around Your Property

Pest birds can get into hospitals, shopping centres, motels, offices, commercial venues, and any other type of building. They often leave droppings that can not only spread disease, it also spoils the look of the building and will put off any potential customers from entering your building.

If these pest birds are not properly managed, they will become an even bigger nuisance as they will damage your property, cause you to lose money, and other issues.

  • Many birds carry various pathogens that can drastically affect the health of your family or customers. In fact, birds and their droppings can contain over 60 diseases!
  • A lot of birds carry ticks, mites, fleas, and other biting insects that usually carry disease.
  • Many species damage buildings by building nests, dislocating roof tiles, blocking gutters, and other issues.
  • Besides the health risks, bird droppings will make your premises look filthy, unhospitable, and in need of regular cleaning.
  • Birds can get hostile, particularly during the breeding season, and attack a residential property’s occupants or a commercial property’s customers and employees.

Tom’s Pest Control’s Bird Removal Process

Our bird removal company use set procedures to provide long-lasting results with our thorough, four-step bird protection and control service to our domestic and commercial customers:

Bird Prevention Inspection

One of our experienced bird control professionals will visit your property when it is convenient for you to conduct a bird inspection. They will establish what type of bird is causing you trouble, understand its traits, find any damage it has made to the property, and other findings.

During their inspection, our bird control professional will find the birds nest where these pests live and find out what aspects of your property attracted these birds to begin with.

Bird Removal Treatment Plan

Once the inspection has been completed, a customised bird removal treatment plan will be formulated and based on your specific requirements. This plan will consist of the treatment procedure, a timeline and guide of when the work will be completed by, procedures for the inhabitants to follow, the foreseeable outcome, and other relevant factors.

Our Sydney-based bird control specialists will regularly inform you of what is going on with this treatment and answer any questions you have before we begin the treatment.

Bird Control Procedure Sydney

The pest inspection team uses the best equipment to complete the bird removal treatment plan. We use different techniques since specific types of birds respond differently to our procedures. These include bird traps, bird spikes, shock tracks, and a sound system to provide bird control to your Sydney location.

Bird Netting, Protection & Prevention in Sydney

Unfortunately, our bird prevention treatment alone will not provide long-term results if you only hire us one time. After we finish doing bird removal work from your house, our technicians will recommend some ongoing prevention tips suited to keeping any type of pest bird away from your property.

To ensure that you are controlling the bird population around your Sydney property, you should:

  • Remove any standing water
  • Keep your property clean and cover trash cans
  • Do not feed any birds
  • Look after your yard and trim your trees to minimise pest birds from roosting
  • Clean the gutters

Excellent Bird Removal Service Sydney

Tom’s Pest Control offers a fantastic bird Netting, Protection & Prevention service that has made a huge difference to our customers with whom we have built long-term relationships. There are various facets to our service that makes us the preferred bird removal company in Sydney:
  • Quick same/next day bird removal service
  • Skilled, certified, and very experienced exterminators
  • Safe pest control methods
  • Upfront quotes, competitive prices
  • Friendly service experience
  • Hassle-free communication
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Do you require bird removal from roofs or high-rise buildings? At Tom’s Pest Control, we have the equipment and know-how to realise many intricate pest removal requirements.


Can Pest Control get rid of birds?

Understanding the behaviour and the nesting habits of pest birds are essential to control birds from your property. Recognising the mark of infestation and finding the most appropriate solution can drastically reduce the time required for managing pest birds effectively. A professional pest control knows what it’s exactly required to eliminate birds from your area. Hence, contact us without any further delay because the longer you allow the unwanted birds to nest in your property, the harder it will become to control them. Without professional service, your small problem will turn into a severe infestation in no time.

How do you get rid of birds naturally?

Many bird species live around us, and some of them are beautiful and entertaining, while others can turn into a pest issue in a short time. A bird infestation destroys the beauty of your garden and lawn. They carry diseases and cause safety issue. It’s not an easy job to keep them away permanently.

There are several treatment and prevention methods to create an inhospitable environment and stop their invasion. Some natural ways to get rid of birds include:

  • Removal of food source
  • Trimming of trees to remove the nesting spots.
  • Removal of water resources
  • Fixing of holes and sealing of veins, gutters
  • Use of physical barriers like bird netting, bird spikes, or electric strips.

Who do you call to get a bird out of your house?

You must call a professional bird control specialist to get a bird species out of your house. At Tom’s Pest Control Sydney, our licensed technicians are trained and experienced. They know how to locate nesting sites and remove them completely, providing you with options that will limit the likelihood of their return.
We will discuss all our industry-approved bird deterrent and removal solutions. Our helpful advice will make your area less attractive to pest birds. It will protect your property from the severe damage caused by them.

What do you do when a bird is stuck in your house?

Sometimes a bird can accidentally scoop in through open space and stuck in your house. It may be scary seeing a bird flying randomly into your place. It’s better to stay calm and not panic because the more stressed you feel, it is more unlikely that you can get the bird outside quickly and effectively.

Try some of the following tricks to shoo it back outside:

  • Make the area safe: Turn off the ceiling fan to make the room safe for bird.
  • Select an exit: Choose a door or a window looking sunny and inviting to make the bird fly out.
  • Block other doors or windows that don’t provide a sole exit point: Close any other doors or windows with blinds or curtains and switch off the lights so that the actual exit appears brighter and help the bird to fly toward it.

If the problem doesn’t get solved, call your local bird control specialist – Tom’s Pest Control. Our expert knows how to handle them.

What is a sign of infestation by birds?

Spotting the infestation signs and getting instant solution from your local pest control specialist – Tom’s Pest Control Sydney can reduce the time required to remove birds from your environment. Some of the warning signs include:


  • Droppings in those areas where they nest.
  • Broken feathers and nesting materials 
  • Increasing bird noises around your property
  • Spotting bird nests in garden, lawn, roof, or any other corners.


Our technicians are professionally trained on the most advanced technologies and effective methods of bird control. We will remove birds humanely, without harming them.

How much does it cost for bird removal?

The standard cost for professional bird removal in Brisbane can range between $300 – $1000 depends on the complexity of the infestation issues. There are different factors we take into consideration while estimating the exact cost of our service. Some of them are initial inspection, nesting locations, the severity of the infestation, type of treatment required, the estimated time needed to complete the project, relocation, and clean-up services.
We use industry-approved treatment procedures depending on your specific needs and other circumstances to remove or relocate birds humanely. Call us to know about our products and procedures in detail. We will help you with a free quotation for our services.

How do I get rid of birds on my roof?

Birds can create a nuisance if they nest on your rooftops. There are different ways through which you can keep them away, including:


  • Installation of deterrents such as fake predators, like an owl, falcon, and raven.
  • Playing of music resembling the noises or sounds made by predators.
  • Installation of electric pads to avoid bird landing on your roof.
  • Installation of bird spikes
  • Use of perch prevention devices like bird spider.
  • Use of perch repellent gel on tiles and shingles.
  • Use of the net over the roof to remove perching sites.
  • Removal of food sources
  • Study and removal of all factors that attract pest birds.

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