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Do uninvited guests invade your house? Pests can cause damage to your health and property. Whether it is an ant, spider, rat, cockroach, bees, millipedes, birds, fleas, earwigs, silverfish, carpet, or beetles, it is essential to remove them all from your property to create a healthy environment. For this, it is vital to hire a professional pest control service provider. At Tom’s Pest Control Sydney, we provide satisfactory pest control results in no time while eliminating pests of all kinds from your property in Cabramatta.

Cockroach Pest Control

Your cockroach problems may be managed with the assistance of experienced pest control specialists. However, keeping cockroaches out of your house or building takes continual effort and effective treatment. We can provide the best cockroache pest control services to keep cockroaches out of your house or business.

Flea Treatment

The primary source of a flea infestation is dogs and cats. The flea sticks to the animal and infests its hair and sleeping areas. Flea pest control for the house and yard often requires two treatments. First, fleas can become an issue within the home when the host they were feeding on is no longer there. The flea then concentrates their feeding activities on other hosts in the house.

The time and effort required to remove the problem is an important part of flea treatment. To deal with a flea infestation, treat diseased animals, clean contaminated areas, and take preventative steps to keep the fleas away.

Fly Control

Flies may enter a home in a variety of ways. For example, insects can enter homes through open windows and doors or food goods (fruit flies). The organic stuff in your drains may also draw them in and serve as a breeding ground. In addition, dead animals in your home’s walls, roof gaps, or other concealed areas may get infested with flies.

Our pest control professionals have been educated to assist in the management of flies and other similar pests. Because each house and company are different, the specialist will create a special pest control strategy for your scenario. Our expert can offer the ideal way to keep flies out of your house, business, or restaurant.

Rodent Control

Warm-blooded animals like rats and mice may be found all over the planet. Their rear teeth are designed for chewing, while their front teeth are enlarged for gnawing. As a result, they do significant damage in and around homes by chewing on a range of readily available objects. In addition to being difficult to manage, rodents spread illnesses and contaminate food with faeces, hair, and saliva.

Mice can contaminate up to ten times the amount of food they consume. It is recommended to contact a professional pest controller if you discover a rat or mouse within your house. They will be able to get rid of them and offer suggestions for avoiding future infestations. The presence of one rat or mouse in a home might indicate an infestation.

Ant Pest Control

Ants come in various forms and sizes, requiring a distinct pest management approach. The sort of pest management needed will be determined by their feeding choice, which might be oil, protein, or sugar. There will be three distinct classes in the colony: males, workers, and queens. Females who are fertile and deposit every egg in a colony are called queens.

Female worker ants seek food while without wings. They maintain the nest, feed the larvae, and protect the colony but do not breed. The sole purpose of male ants, which have wings, is to mate with the queens while the colony is swarming. Ant infestations in homes and businesses are mostly caused by poor cleanliness.

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Our Procedures For Pest Control And Removal in Cabramatta

We proceed in three phases, which are as follows:


Our personnel will check the region around your property. Throughout the procedure, they identify the pests and their type, the extent of the damage, probable causes of their presence and growth, and any other insects you may be unaware of.


Using the essential experience and a thorough understanding of how these insects behave, our specialists create a strategy that includes treatments specific to the scenario. The most effective therapies and solutions are selected to address the problem in that region.


Following the procedure, one of our experts will visit your home to ensure that the treatments are successful, the infestation has not returned, and there are no present or potential problems. We guarantee that each one of our therapies will benefit you and your family and be secure.

Suggestions from Our Cabramatta Pest Control Experts

  • Regularly clean and disinfect your home 
  • Keep all food in tightly sealed containers. This includes the food your pet eats
  • Clean up any food spills and sanitise the area to eliminate any odours
  • Clean the space beneath your furniture and between the grooves on a regular basis to prevent trash or crumbs from gathering between the grooves
  • Keep your pet’s bedding, toys, and any carpets or other belongings in good condition
  • Use caulk to seal any cracks or holes
  • Trim the plants around your property to prevent them from being used as an entry
  • Frequently mowing the lawn
  • Keep clutter to a minimum in and around your home


What Distinguishes Tom's Pest Control Sydney From Its Competitors?

  • Innovative technology
  • Thousands of delighted Cabramatta clients
  • Pest control team that is fully licenced and competent
  • There are no additional charges
  • All pest control specialists are licenced to practise
  • Effectively eliminates flying, crawling, and rodent pests

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It’s crucial to use a regular pest control service all year long, regardless of the season, to keep pests out of your house. Additionally, keeping them out of your house requires ongoing effort. For this reason, our qualified pest control specialists provide a dependable and expert pest control service to eliminate pests from your house all year. For additional information about your pest control problem, we provide free assistance. In addition, we develop a detailed service, treatment, and eradication strategy tailored to your particular needs. Contact us at (02) 8073 9252 to book your upcoming pest control needs.

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