Pest Control Camden

Home is the place where you and your family members feel safe and secure. But what will you do when you notice pests in your home. It becomes very hard to be at peace in a home that is constantly snowed under pests.

Many do-it-yourself treatments seem to get the job done, but in reality, they just attack the tip of the iceberg. Pest treatment is tricky; it requires step by step treatment to end it completely. A pest control company like us can effectively do it.

If you are thinking about hiring affordable pest control service, you have already won half of the battle to eradicate pests. We allow you and your family to live in a stress and pest-free environment.

Safe and advanced termite treatment in Camden

Termites are considered one of the most destructive pests. Just thought of having a termite infestation that can give you stress, so imagine if you are having this issue. Don’t worry, we are here to sail you safely through this.

Termites eat the wooden structure from the inside and cause incredible damage to your property that requires costly repair. These pests can cause a significant amount of destruction in a very short time, so it is an absolute necessity to call Tom’s Pest Control at the first sign of infestation. Our professional and effective termite pest control services can successfully wipe out the active colonies and put a strong barrier that will not allow them to access your property.

Bird prevention and protection Camden

Birds are a part of our daily life. But if they start nesting and roosting in your roofs, AC vents, windows, balconies or gutters, they can quickly turn into pests. Bird nuisance is quite common in Camden. Making noise, spreading diseases, damaging your property, and inviting rodents and bugs can be frustrating and annoying.

Whether you remove their established nests, keep your rooftops clean and hygienic, or install easily available deterrents, it won’t discourage them from entering your property. They keep on coming back and start nesting again. Tom’s Pest Control is the solution to all your bird control needs. Approach us when you detect bird invasion at your place.


Long-lasting pest treatment for ants in Camden

Ant problem has become very common Camden. Their presence can be a cause of irritation and frustration for many homeowners. They just can’t tolerate them and when thinking of treating this problem, they go to the supermarket and get some ant killing sprays and gels which are just not enough.

Want to get rid of ants, but don’t know how? Just leave that to Tom’s Pest Control. You can count on us with your closed eyes, we will never disappoint you. With our expertise and safe, environmental-friendly and premium quality control practices, we can assure you that your home or building will be ant-free.


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If you’re looking for professional and reliable pest control in Camden contact us today on (02) 8073 9252 or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you immediately. We are the experts in environmentally friendly pest control.

Cockroach infestation control Camden

We realize that a cockroach infestation for a home or business owner can be very annoying and embarrassing. They are night-time insects and foray out mainly in the night in places like kitchen slabs, sinks, drains etc. Sightings of their faecal residue, limbs, egg cases are a sign of cockroach infestation and also demands the need for professional pest control.

There are many pest control companies in Camden but we are different from them because we not only exterminate these cockroaches but also ensure that the products we use are safe, human & pet friendly and powerful enough to keep them away from your property.


Spider control in Camden

There are many different species of spiders, with a few of them being capable of surviving in residential settings. When they are inside your home or workplace, they are seen as creepy, annoying and something you don’t want to have. This is when you should seek help from Tom’s Pest Control Company.

Our expert technician will perform a thorough inspection of your property. They will check all likely habitats such as corners of windows, ceilings, along cornices and skirting, behind curtains, gutter lines, garden areas, and outdoor furniture. This will help them to treat spider infestation in the most effective manner using premium products.

Easy and effective rodent (rat/mice pest control) treatment

Rodents are not only notorious for damaging, contaminating food but also for damaging the property as they gnaw at various items like pipes, cables and hot pipe insulations. Many homes or business owners run to the store to buy rat poison or anything that helps them to rid of these pests. Some just simply sweep the evidence like droppings under the rug hoping that the mice will leave their home on their own.

Dealing with a rat infestation is an important part of keeping your home clean. Although you may feel dirty and start panicking, Tom’s Pest Control professionals can quickly deal with a rat infestation with proven and premium rodent control methods, so your property is left hygienic and untouched again.

Moth pest control in Camden

Moths are tiny insects with almost invisible eggs and little white larvae. These moths are often seen in areas where food is stored, in fabrics, wools. They contaminate the food items in the pantry and also ruin your clothes and woollen carpets. Even a single month of flying around in your area make it unsightly, and that is why moth infestation becomes the cause for concern.

Sometimes, you might have a full infestation at your home without even realizing it. At Tom’s Pest Control, we encourage clients to call us immediately if they notice signs of a moth infestation. Keep in mind, the longer you ignore the issue, the harder it’s going to be to eliminate


Commercial pest control services in Camden

The presence of pests in your business is not only annoying but can be risky if you ignore it. For a business owner, it is important to build a happy, hygienic and healthy environment for you, your employees and customers too.

Tom’s Pest Control believes that proper hygiene and effective pest control are key to a healthy and welcoming workplace, and thereby, we are dedicated to solution-focused treatments that both control illness and increase the productivity of your business.

How we can help you?

Pest invasion can cause the following issues-

  • Make the place look filthy and uninvited
  • Spread disease through their droppings and waste
  • Create a significant amount of mess
  • Dropping stains can spoil floors and walls
  • Create a noisy and unhealthy environment
  • Increase the risk of slip & fall accidents
  • Damage goods and ruin things
  • Negatively impact the health of your workers & customers

If you want to save your business from all these consequences, reach us quickly. We will be working for you behind the scene. We won’t do any kind of disruptions that can hinder your business process. We use safe and friendly premium quality products and don’t have to vacate the place for than 2-3 hours. You can leave all pest-related worries on us and keep on focusing on your core business operations.

There are many pest control companies that offer affordable pest control services but many of them are untrustworthy. Some of them are not even are of the latest technologies and best pest control products. So, choosing such companies may be risky and may end you up paying more in the long run. Keep in mind that it takes a highly qualified, skilled and experienced technician to identify the pest species, the level of infestation, sources and entry points. We completely agree to this, that is why we have hired highly-trained and skilled professionals in our team.

We can handle all kinds of commercial properties and also manage the inspection and cleanup of huge buildings efficiently. We have been a part of this industry for so long, we’ve worked on several commercial properties and have become their top choice.

Why choose us?

  • Complete pest control solution under one-roof
  • Herbal, safe and non-hazardous products
  • Committed to delivering the best quality and great results
  • Functioning 24/7 to help more and more clients
  • Advanced, economic and effective treatment plans

Say good bye to pests

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