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Are you currently facing pest problems in your home or workplace? Are you concerned about the health risk and property damage caused by pest invasion in the future?

Do you want peace of mind that your home is safe and free of unwanted creatures? If so, you will get all solutions here.

Tom’s Pest Control Sydney provides the most reliable, advanced and affordable pest control in Campbelltown. Since our inception, we’ve helped thousands of commercial and residential clients to get rid of all kinds of pests. We are fully licensed and insured, serve people all across Campbelltown and nearby areas.

With the advent of advancements in pest control technology, pest control methods have changed substantially over the years. All pest control treatments we employ are safe, effective and non-hazardous.

Termite infestation pest treatment in Campbelltown

Are you looking for an effective and long-lasting Anti-Termites treatment? Please contact us; our experts can surely help you to get rid of stubborn pests like termites forever.

Controlling the termite menace is not easy and is likely to recur after a few years hence do not waste your money on the run of the mill surface spray treatments as they do not provide a permanent solution. We have a comprehensive anti-termite treatment designed by experts which not only detect and annihilate the existing termite colonies but also ensure that the termite colonies never return.


Bird Control in Campbelltown

Are birds infesting your balconies and terraces? Are you tired of cleaning the mess created by the bird droppings? Birds are no doubt lovely, however, they may become a nuisance if they spread disease and harm your property.

Birds like pigeons that thrive in human colonies have become a major source of lung diseases in major global cities. They are highly fertile and their populations increase rapidly thus posing grave damage to humans. Please get in touch with our experts to find new ways to keep birds off your property.

Effective treatment for ants

There are many ant species around the world and many of them can survive urban settings and can invade your personal space in your home. Once inside your home, they will search for food and water in your toilets, dust bins and sinks. These areas in the home harbour dangerous bacteria and viruses even if they are cleaned regularly.

Children and old people are at high risk of getting ill due to infections caused by these antigens spread by ants. We have sure shot treatments to exterminate the ants and to locate and plug their entry points into the home.

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Cockroach treatment in Campbelltown

Cockroaches love to stay with humans as they can easily find refuge and food in human settlements. During the night they search for food in sewers, sinks, kitchens, trash bins etc. They can vary from 2mm to 80mm in length and some of these can also fly. They prefer to eat starchy and sweet materials.

They nip milk and bite at cheese, bakery items and grain products and thus can contaminate the food with bacteria that they carry from sewer/drains. Specialized treatments that are required to kill and repel the cockroaches are available with us at very competitive rates.


Rodent (mice/rat) removal treatment

Reach us for sustainable rodent control in Campbelltown. We have formulated a three-step rodent control- Seal, Trap and Clean. Rodents normally access the homes through gaps and crevices in the outer periphery of the house. Look for gaps around the windows, doors, around the holes for plumbing and electrical services.

If the home is already infested with rodents, we need to trap them and release them from the outside or exterminate them. For this, traps have to be set up in the attics, storage spaces etc. To ensure they don’t come back, we must clean up the spaces where they frequently visit.

Moth control & treatment in Campbelltown

Moths are dirty and annoying insects that can fly and come inside our homes. They are particularly harmful to clothes and dry food items stored in the home. The female moth will fly on to its favourite cloth and then lay eggs there so that its larvae can feed over the same cloth while they are growing.

They can cause colossal damage to clothes. Consuming this infested food can lead to skin allergies and or gastrointestinal problems. We are providing a complete solution for moth pest control with a money-back guarantee. Please contact our experts today!!


Don’t let the pest infestation ruin your successful business!

You work day & night to make your business profitable and successful. Do you allow anything to get in the way of your business success? No, you can’t afford this at all. Pests may appear like a small threat initially but they have the ability to cause major problems for business owners. A pest invasion at your business place can send negative messages to your potential customers and keep them from coming back and use your service again. To safeguard your business from this situation, you should hire our safe and long-lasting pest control services.

Tom’s Pest Control can minimize the risk of this happening by offering your preventive pest treatments. We can regularly schedule commercial pest control services for your business and allow you to have peace of mind knowing that we are working in the background to save your business from any disruption and risk caused by pesky pests.

If you happen to spot any pests such as rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, flies or any other within the premises of your business establishment in Campbelltown, it is advisable to act as soon as possible.


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