What Is German Cockroaches?

German cockroaches are common pests in homes, restaurants, offices, cafes, factories, and storehouses. These pest species can multiply quickly in a short time and create a nuisance. They can infest your place and cause costly property damage and health concerns. Therefore, you must take an effective prevention method to keep infestations at bay.

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Adult German Cockroaches

Baby German Cockroaches Around Egg Case

Juvenile German Cockroaches

How German Cockroaches Enter Your Home?

They can enter your home from outside through cracks and crevices. They can also hide in the items brought inside your home, like grocery bags, boxes, or furniture. Another way German Cockroaches can enter your home is by flying through an open door or window.

Once inside, they will often look for dark places to hide. It may include behind kitchen appliances, under sinks and in cupboards, where they may stay well-hidden until they have established a large population size.

German Cockroaches can also travel apartments through wall voids and even pipes. If you have neighbours with cockroach infestations, there’s a good chance the pests could end up in your residence quickly.

These small-but-speedy cockroaches have a tan or light brown colour. In addition, they feature two dark brown lines running along their body. This species of cockroach can grow up to 16mm in length. They’re considered the fastest of all roach species. However, it makes them challenging to catch.

Female German cockroaches are highly productive. Each female can produce up to 20,000 offspring in a year if they find the right conditions. They start by laying an egg capsule containing anywhere from 30-48 eggs. After a month, these eggs hatch. It can take six weeks to six months for nymphs to grow into adults. As soon as the nymphs develop into adult cockroaches, they become ready to begin life anew. At the same time, the mom cockroach starts preparing her next batch of babies.

German cockroaches are the most prevalent insect in many households. It is mainly due to their adaptability. They can survive on a wide range of foods and reproduce quickly. Their behaviour could be described as nocturnal. They often hide during the day and prefer to come out at night searching for food sources or places to breed.

They use visual landmarks like walls as a guide while constantly moving in search of food and shelter. Identifying their behaviour and adaptations is vital because knowing them helps you develop better ways of controlling infestations.

Dangers to Humans

German cockroaches can cause a nuisance to human health when they invade our homes. These pesky creatures spread diseases like salmonella and dysentery. Also, they contaminate food sources with their droppings, trigger allergies in those sensitive to them, and even cause asthma attacks. So, you must take steps immediately if you notice an infestation.

How Tom’s Pest Control Can Help You?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to confirm German cockroach infestation?

Have you noticed small, dark-brown creatures moving around your home? If so, German cockroaches may have made their way inside. These unwelcome guests can be challenging to detect because they come out at night and like to hide in warm areas with rich food sources. However, you can look for signs like droppings or empty egg casings near stoves or cupboards to assess the level of the infestation quickly and accurately. You may also find a peculiar musty odour. It also indicates cockroach invasion at your property.

What are the eating habits of a German cockroach?

German cockroaches can feed on anything from food crumbs and human food scraps to small items like cardboard or book bindings.

However, German cockroaches prefer sugary items such as candy and soft drinks but can eat other foods if those are not available. They may consume vegetable matter and animal products, including pet food or even dead insects. Additionally, they’re attracted to grease and oils, which they may find in kitchens or near plumbing fixtures.

German cockroach populations usually remain active at night, searching for food sources. However, their activity is lower during the day because of the increased temperatures that make them less active.

What attracts German roaches to your home?

German roaches prefer humid and warm climate close to their food and water sources. What attracts them the most is food debris. They frequently invade the properties through grocery bags, second-hand appliances, and cardboard boxes.

The first thing you can do to deal with these scavengers is to remove their access to food and water. Next, you can check your cupboards and pantries to ensure no food crumbs are in the open. Also, it would help if you kept everything dry in an airtight container.