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Seen foxes around your property lately? Are you concerned that your livestock and pets may be in danger from foxes? If so, you need the help of a professional,our fox control services can help you in Sydney.

Tom’s Pest Control is a certified pest control company, specialising in fox control. We have many years of experience in providing fox control measures as well as fox removal services in Sydney, for both homeowners and businesses.

Foxes are one of the most damaging pests across Australia, especially economic damage to farms and other properties, in terms of the loss of livestock caused by the foxes killing them. Our fox control and fox trapping services keep Sydney properties safe and fully protected from these pests, as well as your family members and pets.

Why Fox Control Is Essential

If you are struggling to cope with the high fox population surrounding your area, our fox removal efforts will greatly help. Controlling the fox population will not only protect your property, but it will also help to improve the ecological balance to the area.
    • Generally, healthy foxes avoid people as much as possible. However, they sometimes carry parasites that can be transmitted to both humans and pets, making fox control an essential if you’ve noticed an increase of fox activity on your property.

  • Australia is not affected by rabies; however, the Australian bat lyssavirus (ABLV) has symptoms that are similar to rabies. Foxes can be carriers of ABLV, stressing the need to control Australia’s fox population.
  • Foxes are known to attack both humans and pets during their breeding season, as well as sometimes when they are injured or sick and feeling threatened.
  • Controlling the fox population is essential in order for agricultural production objectives to be met, especially for those based in semi-urban and rural areas.
  • Fox population growth, when unmanaged, can drastically affect the biodiversity of any region. Fox control is important to keep ecosystems functioning naturally.

Tom’s Pest Control’s Fox Removal Procedures

Tom’s Pest Control provides fox control services all over Sydney for both residential and commercial properties. Our four-stage procedure is made to stop or at least minimise the likelihood of foxes invading your premises.


Our qualified fox removal experts will visit your property and look around to find areas where the pest may be living in. We will identify the type of prey the foxes might be looking for in your area.

We will also assess the safety measures of your property that could help to better protect your animals and crops from red foxes.

Treatment Plan

Based on the results of our inspection, we will formulate a fox removal plan that will regulate how many foxes come onto your land. The treatment plan includes the overall treatment procedure, how long the treatment will take, what to expect afterwards, and any further instructions.

Prior to starting the treatment, we will explain to you how the treatment plan will be actioned as part of our friendly and fully transparent service.


Our exterminators combine several strategies to give you the best results. This includes fox trapping, shooting, fencing, poison baiting, fumigating the dens, and using guard animals.

Since foxes reproduce quickly, we have to use a mixture of the aforementioned procedures to give you the best results, as only using one of these methods will not help much with controlling foxes for the long-term.

Ongoing Prevention Tips

You need to have ongoing, long-term prevention tactics to control the number of foxes living in your area. We will give you tried-and-true tips that will help to stop these pests from coming onto your land.

In regard to general property hygienic measures, you can reduce the likelihood of a fox infestation on your property. Make sure that animal carcasses, food scraps, and pet food are kept outside; having them inside your building will entice nearby foxes to go into your property.

If you use your land to breed rabbits, make sure they are secure in their cages and control their numbers. This is crucial since rabbits are commonly hunted by foxes. You should also ensure that your surroundings are kept clean and that the bushes are regularly trimmed to decrease the number of hiding places that foxes can use.

What Makes Tom’s Pest Control’s Fox Removal and Fox Control Services Stand Out?

Tom’s Pest Control has provided fox pest control services for both residential and commercial properties across Sydney for years, and we’ve used this experience to set the following criteria:

  • Quick response, including same/next day fox control services
  • Highly trained, qualified, and experienced technicians
  • Quick, clear and custom quotes
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

In addition to our fox pest control services, we also have other pest control services including commercial pest control and pigeon proofing


What's fox pest control?

Foxes are not dangerous to you, your family, or your pets, but they can carry diseases you don’t want. Foxes can also be a problem for farmers, especially poultry farms. They can also cause injury to pets or small animals and can even be deadly.

If you’ve tried all the above and still have fox problems, it may be a good idea to hire professional fox pest control experts to help you.

The most commonly used fox management techniques are lethal baiting, trapping, shooting, trapping and fumigating fox dens. While other methods have been discussed recently, Australia has not yet fully evaluated them.

Why is Fox Control Crucial?

According to the Biosecurity and Agricultural Management Act of 2007, Western Australia (the Act), foxes are a pest. To reduce their negative effects, they must be controlled throughout the state.

Red foxes can be found almost anywhere in Victoria. Therefore, it is better to manage foxes using multiple control methods. You should also consider the whole community and not just individual homes.

A Fox capturing company will offer you various services and advise you on how to get rid of your troublesome dog. Our experts are trained in trapping foxes. The state or territory legislation requires that the animal be treated humanely.

How do I know if I have Fox problems?

To determine the extent of fox predation, it is necessary to prove that the fox caused the loss. It is also important to exclude the possibility that other predators, such as feral cats, wild dogs/dingoes, or feral pigs, are present.

Foxes hunt at night, so it is uncommon to see them killing. Instead, look for other signs of participation. One way to determine if a fox is present is by paw prints. These can be distinguished from the paw prints of other predators or dogs since the pads of a Fox can be easily separated.

To determine the cause of death and whether predation occurred, it is important to examine any carcasses from deceased animals.

What's included in our Fox Trapping Service?

In semi-rural or urban areas where poison baiting is inappropriate, foxes can be trapped. Trapping can be useful for managing obtrusive wildlife. However, it is not effective for managing foxes generally.

In urban and residential environments, cage traps are preferred to leg-hold traps because they inflict fewer injuries, non-target animals can be released without injury, while caught foxes may be taken elsewhere for extermination.

Tom’s Pest Control Sydney provides fox control services to residential and commercial properties around Sydney. This four-step process will reduce the possibility of foxes invading your property.

Why are foxes coming to my property?

They love food such as pet food, bird seeds, and rubbish left behind in yards. Foxes can seek shelter under patios, sheds and decks and build dens there.

Foxes are often suspicious of humans and avoid contact with them. Foxes can carry many parasites and germs that can be transmitted to humans. Pets can pass some on, and others are transmitted via excrement. Echinoccocus multlocularis is a new disease that affects canid tapeworms.

Fox removal experts will inspect your property to find potential hiding spots. We will determine what kind of prey foxes might be looking for in your area.

How can I get rid of foxes and not kill them?

Blend the mixture by boiling the garlic and chilli pepper in water. Spray this mixture anywhere you don’t wish foxes are entering your garden. This natural repellent is safe and effective in removing foxes from your garden.

An automatic water pistol can also be installed. These tools can be used to scare away foxes from your yard. These systems require strong water pressure from your mains to connect to your hosepipe. The motion sensor can run all day as the battery power it.

Suppose you are having difficulty dealing with dense fox populations in your area. In that case, our fox eradication efforts can be of great help.

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