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Trust Tom’s Pest Control in Miranda to deliver if you need effective domestic or commercial pest control services.

Our certified professionals can provide pest control services of the highest standard to both homeowners and business proprietors in the area.

Do you suspect that termites or other types of pests are roaming around your property? Many property owners in the Sydney suburb of Miranda have experienced how difficult it can be to keep their home and business premises free from pest infestation.

For more than 10 years of experience, we have gained the expertise needed to lead the way in providing premium pest control services that make us stand out from our competitors.

One-Point Contact Experience

It can understandably be really hard for the uninitiated to recognise the various types of pests that may be infesting your building. Therefore, we have listed common pest control treatments that we can perform to get rid of these pests for you.

Termite Extermination

Termites consume wood to stay alive, and unfortunately, this means they often eat the timber that provides the foundation of a building. Our termite exterminators are available to carry out termite pest control for Miranda based clients, starting with a thorough termite inspection once a year that lets us to provide maximum protection against termites.

Doing so will allow us to quickly detect any termite activity and stop them from doing any long term damage to your home or workplace. Our termite control and extermination plan includes baiting, foaming, and making a chemical barrier that will stop them in their tracks.

Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches are disease-carrying pests that can potentially pose a huge risk to the health and safety of you, your family, or your employees. They usually keep hidden during the daytime and lurk around the property at night; if you start spotting them around during the day this means you have a serious cockroach infestation.

Our team of cockroach control specialists implement a number of measures to make your property cockroach-free again. They will start by conducting an exhaustive investigation of your property and then utilise gels, traps, baits, and insecticidal sprays to attack the problem at its source.

Ant Control

Although ants will not harm people in any way, they are without a doubt very annoying. They often form huge colonies around properties where they can source food, which is usually human food.

If you see ants walking around, it is time that you call an ant exterminator to come around to solve the problem. Usually our customers only need us to visit their property just one time to eradicate any ant colonies we find.

If in the event more ants continue to come, feel free to organise a follow-up appointment with us so we can stop these unwanted guests from ever coming back.

Moth Control

Getting rid of moths is not an easy task. These bothersome creatures are notorious for damaging clothes and lurking around pantries as they consume textiles and food.

Trying to resolve this issue yourself may potentially worsen matters, as using certain toxic chemicals incorrectly and not having a full understanding of how harmful they can be to humans can affect you and your family or employees.

This is why we recommend hiring our professional exterminators to perform moth control services, as well as other types of pest control in Miranda, to save you the trouble of doing it yourself.

Rodent Control

Prevention is always better than a cure, as the old saying goes. This is why Tom’s Pest Control implements control measures to stop mice and rats from infesting your home or workplace.

If you are unfortunate enough to get these rodents popping up around your property, you should contact us straight away for rodent removal. We can safely trap and remove these pests and put measures in place that will prevent them from ever returning.

Commercial Pest Control In Miranda NSW

As the leading provider of commercial pest control in Miranda, you can depend on Tom’s Pest Control to make your place of business completely vermin-free and safe enough to continue your business operations as usual.

We put highly effective pest extermination and wildlife removal methods to use that adhere to Australian industrial standards and all relevant regulations.

Our affordable pest controllers are all licensed to use professional pest equipment and extermination products that will efficiently stop any termite, insect, rodent, or wildlife infestation happening at your commercial premises from worsening.

They are also fully trained to correctly and safely apply wildlife control practices to relocate certain pests in a humane manner.

Our Time-Proven Strategy

Our Pest Control team is renowned in the pest control sector for our first-class services that are more than merely killing pests. We follow an effective four-step strategy to exterminate pests and stop any future infestations from occurring.

  • Step 1 – Inspection: One of our pest control experts will inspect every internal and external area of your property that termites or other pests could potentially enter your property from and start an infestation. Every inspection we conduct, complies with Australian Standard 3660 and usually takes between 1 and 1 ½ hours to complete.
  • Step 2 – Tailored Plan: Tom’s Pest Control will implement a well-planned solution that will last for years to come. Our certified experts will ensure that any pest control treatment plan they put in place is suitable for your property and the surrounding environment and factors in the particular circumstances of your infestation.
  • Step 3 – Pest Extermination: Our pest controller will treat your property with a particular product that is made to eliminate the type of pest you are dealing with and seal every potential pest entry point if applicable. Every product we use is environmentally friendly and not at all dangerous to you, your family, your pets, or your employees. We implement a range of methods that will help ensure your property remains a pest free environment.
  • Step 4 – Ongoing Prevention: Once our exterminator has completed their service, they will provide you with a comprehensive report of the work they carried out. They will recommend that you get us to inspect your property every 12 months in case a new infestation has started in that time. They will also explain some methods you can follow that should stop future infestations from occurring around your property.

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