Mite Control Services In Sydney

Are you struggling to cope with a dust mite allergy that is triggered when you’re at your home or business property? Dust mites a common reason why people experience allergies.

Alternatively, you might be constantly getting bitten by bird mites, which are also known as black mites. Whatever type of mite you are dealing with, it would understandably be very frustrating to deal with.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or are dealing with another type of mite, then finding a high-quality mite bites treatment is essential.

This is where Tom’s Pest Control comes in. Our mite control has helped Sydney homeowners and businesses has improved the overall wellbeing and cleanliness of their properties. We offer both dust mite and black mite removal services, which is naturally available to eliminate other types of mites too.

Mite Species Commonly Found In Sydney

Many different mite species live across Sydney. Whether you live as east as Surry Hills or far west like Mount Druitt, or anywhere in between, fleas have no trouble getting around.

However, each species is quite different from one another in terms of their characteristics and how much impact they can have on a person’s health and property. Some of the most common mites Sydney properties tend to be infested by are:

  • Dust mites
  • Bird mites/black mites
  • Scabies mites
  • Rodent mites
  • Chigger mites
  • Store product mites

The Importance Of Controlling Mites On Your Property?

  • While dust mites don’t bite or transmit diseases, they do trigger allergies. As nearly two million Australians struggle living with asthma, this is a serious health concern.
  • Scabies mites cause allergic reactions, such as severe itchiness and threadlike marks on hands, elbows, wrists, and even genitals.
  • While bird mites/black mites are not a serious threat to humans, they do bite them. Their bites can cause irritation and a prickling sensation that leads to rashes and itching. Although these pests do not transmit pathogens to humans, their bites can cause secondary infections, making bird mite/black mite removal an essential service.
  • Rodent mites do not transmit diseases to humans, but they do bite, which causes itchiness and irritation.
  • Chigger mites usually bite skin areas that have soft tissue. Their bites cause red-raised patches to appear and can transmit a pathogen that causes “scrub typhus”.
  • Stored product mites usually only affect people working in the food product processing and packaging industry. Modern processing and packaging measures have helped to considerably reduce the likelihood of these people being infected. However, if someone is bitten, they might experience skin irritation on their arms, upper thighs, and torso.
Minor skin allergies can be alleviated by using an anti-itching cream. If you do experience a serious allergic reaction, visit your doctor straight away.

The Pest Control Service

Tom’s Pest Control uses a comprehensive, four-stage treatment procedure that eliminates every pest on your property.


After you contact us to request mite treatment, one of our exterminators will drive to your property when it is convenient for you and conduct an inspection. Our qualified mite control specialist will identify the mite species that has infested your property, the extent of the infestation, why they came to your property, what damage they may have caused, and other information.

Mite Treatment Plan

Our exterminator will create a mite treatment plan based on the findings of the inspection. The plan will describe every step, including the specific procedures, the timeline, the likely results, and other factors.

The Eradication Procedure

We will use either insecticides or organic sprays to kill the mites infesting your property. Our work will also help to prevent possible health issues from occurring or escalating.

Ongoing Prevention

Although our mite treatment will eliminate every mite found on your property, it doesn’t guarantee that no other mites won’t turn up in the future. Our pest control specialist will recommend various tips and strategies to limit the likelihood of another mite infestation occurring at your property.

These tips include regularly cleaning carpeted areas, changing bed linen once a week, reducing humidity levels where possible, improving the property’s ventilation, and more. We will also provide you with tips and strategies that are specifically designed to combat the type of mite you had to deal with and other tips related to the layout of your property.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

Tom’s Pest Control provides an exceptional mite control service in Sydney that makes a significant difference:
  • Same/next day mite control services
  • Qualified Sydney-based mite control experts
  • Safe pest control services
  • Comprehensive prices, obligation-free quotes
  • Transparent service experience
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee


What are the most common mite types?

We shouldn’t be surprised to find them often because they are so tiny, at 0.04 inches (1mm). According to scientists, there are at minimum 48,000 mite species around the world.

Clover Mites include House Dust Mites (Itch Mites), Clover Mites (House Dust Mites), Itch Mites (Itch Mites), and Chiggers. Scabies Mites can also be called Rodent Mites. Bird Mites are another type of mite. Additionally, mites have many useful purposes and aren’t as obvious as their spider kin.

The arachnid subclass Acari includes the human itching mite (or hominins), which is part of the Sarcoptidae family. The stratum Corneum is the outermost layer of skin where the mites can’t penetrate. The most common mites are found in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and offices.

Which mite control methods do you offer?

Syringe for cultural control Routine syringing can control spider mites in landscape ornamental plants. This helps to protect natural predators.

Inspection and Quarantine in Cultural Control. Two-spotted spider mites are often spread from infected plants and beds. If you are buying new plants, inspect each leaf’s bottom for mite activity. New home plants should not be kept apart from any other plants until you’re certain that there are no mites.

Tom’s Pest Control Sydney employs a thorough four-stage treatment plan to create a healthy environment. As a result, we guarantee same-day or next-day mite removal service by certified pest control specialists. In addition, you will receive affordable mite removal treatments that won’t cost you a fortune.

How often should I spray for mites?

Spider mites can be eliminated by spraying them every 5-7 days. Spraying water can be used on small plants. Spraying larger plants with water can be done at the sink or in the shower.

It is best to be meticulous about cleaning every leaf from the top and bottom and any crevices or crevices that are on the stems, branches, and stems. Keep up the therapy for many weeks to ensure you catch any new eggs.

We recommend that you water your large plants only when they are in direct contact with water. This is because soil that retains too much moisture can lead to other problems and pests.

How can you stop and control mites?

Our professionals will carefully inspect the property to determine the source of the mite infestation. However, identification and examination can be difficult because mites are so small that they are barely visible without magnification.

Based on our findings, we will design a tailored treatment plan for you to get rid of mites. The mite treatment program will cover specific methods, the schedule, expected outcomes, and other information.

We use legal, safe, and effective pesticides for both pets and humans. We offer a wide variety of safe sprays that will kill the mites and protect your home from any health risks. You cannot expect to see long-lasting results from a single treatment for mite infestation. Consider regular mite control services.

Which acaricide is most effective in controlling mites?

Acaricides are used for mite control. It includes chlorinated carbons (such as DDT), organophosphorous compounds (such as Diazinon), carbamates, pyrethroids such as flumethrin or permethrin), formamidines and avermectins.

Acaricides can block breathing, muscle development, and nerve function. Abamectin has been proven to be one of the most effective anti-acaricides. It is extremely effective against phytophagous mites. LC90 values for Tetranychidae Eriophyidae Tarsonemidae mites are 0.02 to 0.24 GML-1 (Lasota & Dybas, 1991).

To ensure these active components are not prohibited from being used, we recommend you check with your state and federal authorities. Always read labels and follow the recommendations.

Is it true that mites bite?

While most mites won’t bite humans, they can cause skin irritation if they remain on the skin of someone. Medical care is not required for mild skin irritations or itching due to mite bites. Allergy injections and over the counter and prescription antihistamines are all available to treat mite bites.

Your doctor might be able to identify mites by inspecting your skin to see if there is a rash or if the body has burrows. You could also attempt to remove the mite from its burrow. Next, they’ll either use a small knife to remove the mite from its burrow or an electric skin scraper.

From the house mouse mite Liponyssoides Saguineus and spiny rat mite Laelaps Echidna to tropical rats, all bite humans. While the house mouse mite is a fan of eating mice’s blood, it can also bite humans and rats. To avoid these inconveniences, it is better to call Tom’s Pest Control Sydney.

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Can pest control get rid of ants?

Professional pest control provides the best option based on its experience, knowledge, and expertise to remove ants permanently from your property. If you seek our specialist ant control service, we will address your current problems and also treat the underlying factors. After inspecting your place, we determine our treatment procedure, identifying the particular ant species and locating their nesting sites. All our treatment plans are customised, which make them highly targeted and effective. Our great emphasis remains on destroying the root cause to provide you with a long-term ant-free environment. Call us to book an expert’s inspection service.

How much does pest control cost for ants?

At Tom’s Pest Control Sydney, we adopt a competitive pricing strategy to make our premium quality services available to most of our customers. The cost estimation of ant control services depends on the extent of the infestation, species type, property type, treatment procedures, number of visits required and duration of the treatment. If the issue is concentrated in a particular area and can be easily treated, then the service cost will be low, but the price will increase if it is widespread.
Our treatment solution includes gelling, dusting, spraying, baiting, and applying granules. All our techniques and products comply with Australian standards and are safe to use.

How do I get rid of ants overnight?

There is a number of natural remedies that will help you in getting rid of ants overnight. You can make a solution by adding 50 per cent water and 50 per cent vinegar and spray it to wipe out the ant population. White vinegar has great ant repelling and killing properties. Borax is one of the most popular ant control products. You can use cotton to soak the borax mixture and place it in the ant populated areas of your house. The ant will disappear and move away from your place. You can get the complete result overnight.

Should I hire an exterminator for ants?

You can apply natural home remedies to get rid of ants in case of mild issues. If the infestation is severe and creates an unavoidable nuisance, then it is best to book professional inspection and treatment service without wasting your time. There is no other alternative for you because the problem can’t go away on its own. Tom’s Pest Control has the industry expertise and latest tools that will remove ants from your environment without compromise your health and safety. We will address your current problem and ensure to protect your place from future risk of ant invasion.

How do you know if you have an ant infestation?

Suppose you start noticing an increasing population of ants moving around your kitchen or any other corner of your property. In that case, it’s a strong indication that you may have got ant infestation. You should not ignore the sign even if you see some ants moving here and there because it may be possible that they have formed colonies somewhere nearby dark corners of your property. You must call us for instant inspection because professional inspection can never be a wastage of your money. It will help you in the early detection of many underlying problems and timely treatment. If it is found that your property has no pest issue, it will also give you complete peace of mind.

How long does it take for an exterminator to get rid of ants?

At Tom’s Pest Control Sydney, we provide tailored treatment services with full emphasis on identifying the root cause of the issue and eliminating it completely. Our main objective is to offer you a permanent solution. The time required to complete the extermination process depends on the complexity of the ant infestation. Ants multiply in no time and can form many giant colonies inhabiting several thousands of ants. Destroying their complex colonies can be a tricky task, and it may take a couple of days to get the desired result. We apply the most effective strategies to get the result as quickly as possible.

Is it worth getting an exterminator for ants?

Suppose the ant population at your property is increasing day by day and you have started experiencing troubles because of them. In that case, it’s the best time to book for professional ant control service. The infestation issue may get worse in no time in the absence of an expert’s treatment. The local experts of Tom’s Pest Control, Sydney, have a clear understanding of the climatic condition, ant species and other factors that may trigger ant population. Hence, we provide the targeted treatment solution that will eradicate ant in the shortest time possible. We use advanced techniques and industry-approved products for safer and quicker treatment.