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Have you noticed pests in your home recently and looking for a reliable pest control service provider in Mount Druitt? No worries, We are here and always happy to help you– we’ll have all your Pest Control problems sorted.

Our crew of polite, professional and experienced personnel can take care of you. Tom’s Pest Control Mount Druitt is the name you can trust with your closed eyes. We’ve been around for many years and have knowledge of pests and treatments like no other. Calling us once at your home will allow you to keep your family safe and healthy and free from unwanted guests!


Termite Pest Control & Treatment In Mount Druitt

A termite inspection is the first defence of every homeowner. 1 out of 5 homes in Australia are attacked by termites each year. Termite can damage your property but there is no insurance against it. Don’t be a victim of a termite attack. Protect your property with termite inspections once a year.

Mount Druitt termite pest control can offer you professional help to make sure your biggest asset doesn’t fall prey to greedy wood-eating termites. Our termite management technicians are extensively trained in the advanced practices for termite inspections, termite treatments, and termite baiting systems. So, if you love your home, reach out to us.

Bird Treatment and Prevention Mount Druitt

Not having a bird treatment plan can cause many problems. Birds like Myna, Seagulls, sparrows and pigeons come in your building to roost due to no bird protection solutions and create damage, disease and defacement.

It can also damage air conditioning external equipment, insulation for pipes etc. Removing debris from gutter, roofs and other areas can be expensive. If left untreated, these unhygienic and unsightly invaders make your place messy, block drains resulting in flooding and also cause serious structural issues that are costly to repair. Give us a chance to save you Mount Druitt from bird damage.

Ant Treatment & Control

If you notice just one or two ants in your home, you can ignore it. But, if their population is increasing, it is a clear indication that the problem is imminent, and you need professional help.

When it is covering every room, bathroom and kitchen, you might find us the most appropriate option to get rid of them. Our highly trained ant pest management technicians Mount Druitt provide safe, best and effective ant control solutions. Also, to prevent ants from entering your home, avoid keeping food open, clean kitchen spills before sleeping and store the food in airtight containers. Also, keep your dustbins clean and tidy.

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Cockroach Control & Techniques

Finding droppings inside your drawers, floors, cupboards or pantry means you have unwanted guests- Cockroaches in home your home. If you have a cockroach invasion, your home may develop a strange odour. They are typically found in hidden, dark, out-of-the-way spots, and attack your kitchen slab, sink or floor at night to find food for them.

If you need help to wipe them out completely from your place, you can reach out to us. Before we start the cockroach treatment, we will identify the cockroach, the size and then we detect the physical features and then design a proper affordable pest control treatment plan to terminate them.

Rodent (Mice/Rat) Control

Mice are social animals, so, they live in groups. So, if you have noticed one, the other partners will be joining it soon. They often have seen in the places that provide them with food, warmth, and shelter. If the food and shelter are provided generously to them they will keep on living there, constructing their nests within wall and roof voids, and even within stored food.

Mount Druitt pest control offers inspections, control and prevention for all types of rodents in Mount Druitt. We can help you if you have already tried DIY methods to control rodents but didn’t get satisfactory results.

Effective Spider Control Methods

Just seeing a couple of spider webs in your home does not mean an infestation. However, when you start observing a lot of spider webs popping up in the corners, behind doors and most commonly in dark places, it is time to get concerned because you’re likely dealing with a spider infestation.

If you start seeing spiders in your home, don’t ignore them. Just call our Mount Druitt affordable pest control experts. They will first inspect your area, check the level of infestation and offer the treatment accordingly. When you choose us, you can be worry-free as we will spider pests completely.

Moth Treatment Methods

The moth is one of the common pests seen in homes, creating a nuisance by spoiling clothes, wool stuff, rugs and stored food. They attack dry foodstuff stored in the pantry, kitchen and most importantly your favourite wardrobe, carpets and upholstery.

Many people usually ignore the moth infestation as they think that they are harmless. But soon they realize that they need treatment when they calculate the cost of damage caused by moths. Tom’s Pest Control Mount Druitt is an ideal solution in such a situation, so contact our team and schedule an inspection.

Commercial Pest Control in Mount Druitt

Organizations that have been established for commercial purposes are required to sustain a high degree of hygiene and cleanliness. Places like banks, hospitals, schools, multiplex and restaurants cater to a large number of people and thereby, cleanliness in such places is of utmost importance to avoid disease transmission.

Pest infestations are the major reason to create messy and dirtiness in these places and spread diseases and contaminate food. Hence, Mount Druitt commercial pest control in such places has great importance. We are one of the smartest choices for commercial places to stay free from pests.

How We Can Help Your Business To Become Successful?

The success or failure of any business may depend on the effectiveness of the pest control provider you choose. When we consider the problems caused by pest invasions such as structural damage, reduced customers and health risk, seeking help from us can be an effective pest control solution.

We believe that in commercial places like restaurants, cafes, hospitals and schools, a zero-tolerance policy should be maintained against pests. Therefore, business owners should take the necessary steps to protect their business from this situation. We are certified, experienced and trustworthy professionals who can provide you with safe and efficient pest control solutions for your business. When you hire our cheap pest control services, we provide you pest-free surroundings, so there won’t be any pest disruption which will help your employees to improve their output and ultimately help to boost your success.

Despite the major risks of pest infestation in commercial areas, many people tend to ignore the importance of pests control services due to the cost involved in it. For such people, it is important to understand that sanitation & health should not be compromised for money. Money invested once in pest control can save you from the pests for many years to come. Business owners should take a preventive approach to save the health of their employees, clients & the reputation of the company.

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