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Your home is your castle. It is the place where you feel comfort, peace and safety. The last thing you would want for your treasured home is to get pest infestation. Pests such as rodents, cockroaches, spiders, moths, and ants can easily enter a home, find a place to build nests, and begin to damage your belongings and the structure of your home.

Pest populations tend to grow rapidly, so it is important to be proactive in managing pest control issues in your home. Tom’s Pest Control offers a professional, prompt and pocket-friendly service to both the residential and commercial sectors in North Sydney.

Give us a chance to serve you and make your home safe, healthy and pest-free for longer. We have earned a strong reputation among our customers for our innovative, friendly and effective solution.

Termite treatment and prevention In North Sydney

Termites are pesky insects and if left unchecked eat on the timber furnishings and structure in your home. They are your biggest enemy because the damage they cause to your home structure negatively impacts the value of your home and poses a safety hazard too.

To save your property from costly damage, it is imperative to act quickly in dealing with a termite invasion. If you don’t take termite infestation seriously even after noticing their signs such as softened wood, termite debris and mud holes, their population will grow faster and the damage becomes more severe. Don’t let termites tear your property. Reach out to us to get termite control.

Bird control treatment In North Sydney

Birds are a nuisance when they damage equipment like a solar panel, AC vents, and building structure and risk hygiene in food areas. Birds love flying in through huge open doors and finding a safe and dry place to roost. Bird infestation is an issue not only in residential buildings but in commercial zones too.

Adequate bird control should be a major part of ongoing maintenance in commercial properties and we can help you with that. Tom’s Pest Control uses the most advanced and safe bird control solution to deter them from the building where they are installed.

Ant control and treatment North Sydney

Spotting ant groups on your kitchen slab, floor or wall can be annoying for homeowners. Prevention is the key because they cannot be controlled easily once they infiltrate a property in large numbers. Spilled food and water on the floors are the perfect targets for ants in need of food and water.

Homeowners usually opt for spray and other insect-killing agents to get rid of them. But these treatments can’t keep pests away from your sweet home for a long time. Ants can be controlled effectively by using an Affordable pest control solution. Tom’s Pest Control Sydney makes the best recommendation for your specific situation and helps you eliminate ants.

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Cockroach Control In North Sydney

Whether it is large cockroaches or small cockroaches that may have made a colony in your kitchen, they are a health hazard and cause a lot of anxiety. Call our experts to get the best pest control services to deal with the cockroach outbreak.

Sprays available in the market only kill the cockroaches you see, but they don’t kill the population growing in the nests inside your pantry, wardrobes, electrical appliances and sinks. To eradicate cockroaches from your home, our specialists perform a detailed inspection and following that use a combination of professional products- baits, sprays and powders and apply them in the appropriate areas. Our preventive affordable treatment will not allow them to enter your property again.

Rodent (mice/rat) removal In North Sydney

Mice are good at hiding out of the way in dark, hard-to-reach places that make it difficult for homeowners to see rodent infestation. They are particularly destructive in food processing and agriculture facilities because they pollute food and animal feed with their droppings and urine. Since gnawing and chewing are the primary activities of a rodent, they damage countless electrical wires.

The first step to manage rodent infestation is to reduce the attractiveness of your home or business by keeping the doors closed, fill the voids in walls and store the food in air-tight containers. But, still, if you are not getting relief from mice, you can call our team for professional help.

Specialised spider control treatments

If you have a spider problem, you may need our specialized spider control treatment and for this Tom’s Pest Control can be your smart choice. Our spider control treatment specialists use a safe and friendly spider spray to treat the outdoor surfaces of buildings. They apply the spray on the eaves and window, and door frames, cracks and crevices.

They will not leave a single place where spiders may be hiding around the yard. This treatment especially targets web-building spiders such as Blackhouse and the Redback spiders. Our treatment has proven successful over the years, so try us!

Treatment for moth infestation

Moths fall into the category of destructive pests. They will enter our homes or offices and hide in areas which we hardly notice. To survive, they will reach the items that contain material they can feed on including valuable carpets, silk clothes, fur, fibre, etc.

Initially, you are not likely to spot signs of their presence in your house, but it will strike you when you find that your once good-looking, costly carpet now has holes. You can save yourself from this expensive loss, by calling Tom’s Pest Control. Our team of expert technicians knows what all it takes to eradicate moths from your home.

Commercial pest control in North Sydney

When it comes to your business facility, the last thing you may want to deal with is pest infestation. Whether your business is 20 years old or brand new, pest control should be at the top of your priority list. And if your facility is a school, hospital, food processing, restaurant, office, any place where humans are present, you can’t afford to ignore this issue.

Costly termite infestations can happen to any kind of business. Your customers expect you to provide them with quality products, but a pest issue is interrupting you to do so. Pests can spoil your packing materials, contaminate products, and create messy, unsanitary and unwelcoming surroundings for your employees. A pest infestation if left unchecked can put both your customers and your brand’s reputation in danger. At Tom’s Pest Control, our team will design a preventive treatment plan to treat existing pests as well as prevent future problems.


Pests can put your business at risk. See how:

  • Damage to stock and building structure
  • Carrier of bacteria and disease
  • Compromised service
  • Loss of clients
  • Health risk to employees
  • A breach of health responsibilities
  • Reduced productivity & reduced ROI
  • Bad online reviews that spoil your online reputation

We understand that Pest control for commercial facilities needs special knowledge, potential, experience, and tailored pest control procedures. We have been serving the needs of the commercial industry for many years, so we know what treatment suit you best for your facility.

We can help to save you money

When it comes to terminating pests from your commercial space, costs are one thing that stops you from choosing pest control solutions. Business owners who try to cut corners in the hope that it will save their money can actually compromise their facility’s stability. They might end paying more for costly repair caused by pests. It’s nearly impossible to detect colonies of termites or ants eating away timber or building structure, but if you choose our pest prevention & treatment plans, we will ban their entry into your premises and save you from serious business risks.

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