Your Trusted Partner for Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections & Control in Sydney

Purchasing a residential or commercial property involves making important decisions and mistakes can cost you a lot of money. 

How can you make sure you are getting the best value from the property you are about to purchase? Tom’s Pest Control provides Sydney residents with a thorough pre-purchase pest inspection which includes a full termite inspection, to show the true condition of the property before they sign any contracts. 

Make sure you are fully informed so you can negotiate the best price and get the maximum value out of your investment. 

Role of Our Pre Purchase Building Pest Inspector in Sydney

Our qualified property inspectors will visit and thoroughly inspect the property, and give you the most accurate and detailed results possible. If you have any of the following questions about a property, you should get in touch with our inspectors:
  •  Does the property have any hidden  pest issues?
  •  How much money needs to be spent to get the property pest free?
  • Is there any evidence of a previous pest infestation?
  • Is there a history of pest infestations in my area?
During the pre-property pest inspection, we will inform you of any pest problems with the property, such as hidden signs of a previous pest infestation, any nests that are currently located on the property, the property’s vulnerability to pest issues, and methods to use to try to prevent another infestation from occurring, as well as a price for preventative measures.

Our Property Pest Inspections Services for Residential and Commercial Properties

Tom’s Pest Control Sydney, understands every home and client is different, when it comes to property termite inspections. One thing is guaranteed, our company offers thorough building Pest Inspections so you can rest-assured that your new property is totally pest free.

Building Pest Inspections

Parts of Sydney are known to experience pest infestation issues and most people looking to buy a property in a residential building, do not know where to start, when finding out if it has a pest-related problem. A pre-purchase pest inspection is the best way to understand the overall condition of the property, including any pest issues it has experienced. These pests can be a health and safety hazard, and therefore cause a heavy loss in the property’s value.



Our qualified pre-property pest inspectors will look for any signs of termites, wood borers, fleas, ants, rodents, cockroaches, and similar pest related issues. The inspector will inform you of any past and present pest-related issues and damage or previous treatments that have happened at the property. The report will also provide next steps to implement the necessary measures to fully protect your investment from any future or current pest infestations.

What Tom’s Pest Control Can Do For You

The inspectors at Tom’s Pest Control have years of experience inspecting, finding and fixing termite problems  with different types of properties. Our company stands out due to the following factors:

Qualified Pest Inspections Specialists

Our skilled pest inspectors can provide you with clear and accurate information on the property and if there is a pest or termite problem. We carry out the pest inspection to help find and assess any pest problems in your property.

Advanced Equipment

The inspectors at Tom’s Pest Control use high-quality equipment and effective methods to provide the most accurate and comprehensive pest and termite inspections possible. If a pest infestation is found, we offer a quote immediately for our professional pest control services, to get your home sorted. 

Upfront Quotes & A Smooth Service

Get the most affordable pre-purchase pest inspections and pest control cost with us. We will give you an upfront and obligation-free quote for our pre-purchase termite inspection services. Our pest inspectors will schedule a date with you or directly with your real estate agent, to come to the property when it is convenient and complete the inspections quickly.




Quick Pre Purchase Building Inspection Services

We are dedicated to providing fast pre-purchase pest and termite inspection services to our customers in Sydney. Our pest inspectors will usually visit the property on the same day or the day that works best for you, to complete the inspection. We will give you the inspection information in less than 24 hours after the pest inspector inspects the property for termites and pests.

Call (02) 8073 9252 today or use our online form to request a quote for one of our inspectors to visit the property and conduct a thorough pest and termite inspection before you sign a contract for a residential or commercial property. We will give you an obligation-free quote for a service that will help to ensure that you will get a return on investment.



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Call (02) 8073 9252 today or use our online form to request that one of our inspectors visit the property and conduct a thorough inspection before you sign a contract for a residential or commercial property. We will give you an obligation-free quote for a service that will help to ensure that you will get a return on investment.