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Are you searching for a specialized and skilled pest control agency in Revesby to get long-term results? Do you see that the pest infestation at your Revesby property spoils the healthy environment in your home? If yes, we welcome you to Tom’s Pest Control Sydney.

We are the pest control experts in Revesby with superior service standards. From small residential properties to large commercial spaces, we create treatment solutions that can deliver the desired results at the best price. Our qualified Revesby exterminators are client-focused and fully flexible to your hours. We provide quick treatment with zero fuss to your daily home activity and commercial operations.

Our affordable pest control solutions are designed to consistently deliver exceptional quality service across all commercial properties, ensuring that your employees, guests and customers experience a safe, pest-free experience in your facility. Our program is fully personalized to fit your unique needs and, in addition to providing defence from ants, spiders, termites, cockroaches, and rodents.

Termite pest treatment & control in Revesby

Termites thrive in warm and humid climates. Temperature ranging from 24°C to 35°C is ideal for the termites. Another big trouble with a termite infestation is that it is often not detected early and thus it is too late when they appear at the surface. They can damage costly furniture like cupboards and kitchen closets made of wood.

Normally Anti-termite treatment is done before the construction so that these nasty pests do not come out of the soil into the house. However, when the construction becomes old the effectiveness of the anti-termite treatment fades and needs to be re-done. In case you are being pestered by these pests, please call our termite control expert Revesby!

Effective and humane bird control Revesby

Birds like pigeons have almost invaded human cities and there is hardly a place where you cannot find them. They not only make the place dirty with their droppings but also lead to allergies and diseases. Their droppings are acidic in nature and can corrode and damage the building materials.

They make their nests in places like balconies and window sills thus posing a grave danger to humans by spreading the allergens into the house. Their population increases at a rapid pace and thus it is important to control their menace. You can call us for effective bird control methods like netting, spikes etc.


Ant treatment & removal in Revesby

We all have come across the nasty sting of a fire ant. The bite causes a burning like sensation and hence its name. They live in moist soils and make mounds in the soil. Though many times they wander inside our homes in search of food, shelter and water, they are very aggressive in nature and may also drive out the native ant species from the region disturbing the ecological balance.

Their brownish or reddish-brown colour distinguishes them from other ant species. You must beware of their presence in your home and call us if you find them building mounds in your garden as is it not very long that you may find them invading your house.


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Cockroach prevention and removal

American cockroaches are amongst the biggest insect pests that are found and can be as big as 21/8 inches long with reddish-brown wings. Although unlike its name, it is not native to America but was most likely introduced via ships from Africa. Now it is found across the globe and is a common occupant of sewers, stormwater drainage, hotels, factories and such places where food is available.

They are one of the most dangerous pests as they feed and live in very unsanitary areas like garbage bins, sewers and drains and thus spread deadly diseases if not controlled. Reach out to us, we can help

Rodent (mice/rat) control in Revesby

House rodents are considered the number one pest in many urban cities like ours. They like to live in human communities as they get food and shelter easily, House mouse is an omnivore but preferably feed on grain and cereals.

They can be found in open fields, commercial buildings, homes and farms and thrive around the year. They feed on and contaminate the food meant for humans by their droppings and urine and are a major cause of spreading salmonella and food poisoning. They also love gnawing at building materials like wood, cloth, insulation material etc and damage property. Please contact us for a comprehensive solution for rodent control!


Treatment for spiders

Spiders like black widows are despised around the world and feared for their venomous bites. Though rarely fatal, their bites can be very painful. They typically lie to live outdoors in the gardens preferring quiet and undisturbed areas for nesting.

If bitten by a widow, the symptoms may appear within 20 to 60 minutes. These may include stiffness, nausea, swelling, intense pain and fever. The patient must take immediate medical advice in case of a confirmed bite. If you are dealing with a black widow at your home, call our affordable pest control experts to handle them.

Moth treatment solutions

Moths are classified like insects and they are recognized by their scaly wings. Fully mature moths do not have mouths and hence cannot bite but few of them 150 of the total 16500 types can sting. The life of a moth starts as a larva like caterpillars.

They can also contaminate dry foodstuff and cause diseases to humans. The adult moths lose their teeth and use their long tube-like organ for drinking nectar or other liquids. So these adult moths that you find flying cannot bite but can spread diseases and lay eggs in your wardrobe for their larvae to feast.

Commercial pest control in Revesby

In today’s world of the internet and technology, customer feedback and instant online reviews can make or break the reputation of your business. Infested commercial space can ruin your company’s hard-earned reputation and also negatively impact future profits. Tom’s Pest Control understands the importance of pest control solutions in Revesby commercial sector and therefore, provides high-standard pest control solutions to eradicate pests.


Our advanced pest control program is designed to:

  • Minimize your worries related to pests and the issues they cause.
  • Provide your properties with a sophisticated pest management program
  • Support your goals to be competitive
  • Help your team to be productive with a pest-free environment.
  • Protect your reputation and brand.

Our professional commercial pest control services in Revesby will ensure that you get a commercial pest control service that will effectively wipe out any kind of pests from your business facility and keep them at bay for the future. We are confident that our pest control process can effectively solve any pest issues and for this, we use three stages process:

  1. Pest inspection: When you choose us to serve you, the first thing we do is the inspection of your area. Our crew will do a detailed inspection of your facility to have an idea about the degree of the infestation, identify their species, the source which is attracting them and spots where they are hiding.
  2. Pest control: As the inspection is done, we will plan the treatment that suits best for all conditions. We use safe and green products to give you the best outcomes and also, keep your family safe and healthy.
  3. Pest monitoring: After the treatment is over, you will receive the desired results, but to ensure a pest-free environment in the future, we will keep monitoring so that there will be zero chances for pest infestation.

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