Silverfish Pest Control In Sydney

Have you seen any silverfish lurking around or any traces they have left behind around your property? Silverfish are small silvery insects that can cause a high level of damage if they are not stopped on time. They are both a nuisance and a health hazard. If you require professional silverfish pest control in your Sydney property, Tom’s Pest Control can help. We have been the number one silverfish removal service in Sydney for many years thanks to our friendly and experienced pest control specialists and the state-of-the-art equipment they use to do the job.

They will inspect your property to find the signs of your pest infestation and then take immediate action to give you the best results.

Issues Caused By Silverfish

These wingless creatures are able to live in most types of environments. They usually pop up in dark and damp rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, attics, basements, and others.

They can cause a lot of damage and various issues to both residential and commercial buildings, such as:

  • Silverfish build their nest close to places where they can find food. Unsurprisingly, the food becomes contaminated as a result.
  • They also consume personal products, such as clothing, papers, and books. They also use these objects as hiding places.
  • Silverfish make small holes through biting, leaving yellow stains on these surfaces.
  • Silverfish skin can trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions.
  • Silverfish predators, such as cockroaches and spiders, may start infesting your property as well since they now have a reliable source of food. This may make the pest infestation worse and cause other harmful diseases to spread.
  • Silverfish often live inside plumbing and linen piles and can easily damage them.

Signs Of Silverfish Infestation

As silverfish live in hidden areas, it will be difficult to determine if it is silverfish that have infested your property. If you see any of the following signs, then you have silverfish lurking around:
  • Silverfish cast skin and droppings look like pepper. These usually are found on floors and walls.
  • Holes in the wallpaper indicates a silverfish infestation is happening.
  • Silverfish cause yellow stains to appear on books, fabrics, and wallpaper.
  • Dark areas of your property that trap moisture, such as bathrooms, attics, and basements, are the most likely places that you will find silverfish.
  • Silverfish eat gum and glue, so silverfish may try to eat any furniture that glue or gum was used
  • Look through your books and magazines and any cardboard you have for silverfish since they often hide behind these during the day.

Our Silverfish Treatment Process

Tom’s Pest Control offers a thorough silverfish treatment service that will solve your problem. It will include the extermination process itself, as well as providing you with ongoing techniques to use to prevent another infestation from occurring in the future. We put our tried-and-true four-stage treatment procedure into action to eliminate these pests and make your property hygienic and safe again.


Right after you have contacted us about your infestation, our skilled silverfish pest control specialists in Sydney will thoroughly inspect your property at a time that is convenient for you. We will identify what silverfish species you are facing, how heavy the infestation is, and find their nesting areas.

We will also find out what attracted these pests to your property to begin with, and see if they have caused any damage around your property.

Treatment Plan

Based on the outcome of the inspection, we will design a silverfish treatment plan to make your space silverfish-free. This plan includes the treatment procedure, how long the treatment will take, the expected results, and any instructions for the property’s occupants to follow. We will explain the treatment plan to you before we commence our work.

The Extermination Process

Our APCA-certified exterminators will carry out their silverfish removal service as per the treatment plan. We will examine the cracks and crevices on the floor and walls to combat these pests by using our advanced equipment.

While we try to non-chemical treatments like traps when we can, we will use industry-approved spray chemicals and residual insecticides when necessary when the infestation is dire.

Ongoing Prevention

To prevent another infestation from occurring in your house or workplace, we will teach you some ongoing silverfish control prevention techniques to use. The exterminator who visits your property will also recommend that you follow the below suggestions:

  • Minimise the amount of clutter and food lying around your property that these pests will want to eat.
  • Keep your property clean simply by regularly mopping your floors, cleaning up any spilled food, dirty food containers, and anything else that gets dirty.
  • Using an air conditioner or dehumidifier to reduce the humidity inside your building.
  • Ensure that closed areas like basements and attics are properly ventilated.
  • Regularly look out for any signs of infestation around your property. If you find anything to indicate that an infestation has started, contact our extermination experts for a silverfish removal service immediately.

Why Tom’s Pest Control Stand Out

Our commitment to performing first-rate work and use of the latest pest control equipment significantly helps our customers with making their property pest-free again. Our services will match your requirements due to the following reasons:
  • Same day or next day silverfish removal services
  • APCA and TAFE-accredited silverfish control experts
  • Safe and straightforward extermination services
  • Local extermination teams available all across Sydney
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Upfront quotes, reasonable prices


How can pest control professionals eliminate silverfish infestation?

If you have silverfish problems inside, spray a residual pesticide outside your home. Spraying a thin border around the perimeter of the building to stop silverfish from moving around may help.

If the exterior foundation walls are sprayed, silverfish will not be able to enter the building. Intice Perimeter 10 can also be sprayed throughout the attic. A pest management specialist should handle this type of silverfish pest control.

With the help of Tom’s Pest Control Sydney, a strategy may be devised to control silverfish infestations and prevent further outbreaks. In moist basements, we use dehumidifiers. Place plastic sheets on dirt crawl areas or roof ridge vents to let the damp air in.

Is silverfish harmful to pets and people?

Silverfish are harmless, don’t bite animals or people, and do not spread disease. However, they can contaminate food and spread pathogens if they get in from the outside.

Silverfish love wet areas, and your bed could be the perfect environment. Silverfish could use your bed to quickly breed if it is combined with heat from your body, temperature in your room, and dark areas between the bedsprings and the cushions.

They can cause havoc in your home. Because they eat insects, they can eat your possessions. Their faeces can also leave stains. However, the insects are harmless and won’t cause you to get sick. Pets can eat silverfish, but they should be discouraged.

What are the indications of silverfish infestation?

The presence of live silverfish first detects silverfish infestations. These tiny, flexible, and slippery insects’ range in colour from blue silver to brown grey. They are teardrop-shaped and move similarly to fish swimming by wriggling backwards and forwards.

Because of their small size, silverfish droppings can be mistaken for dust or household items. If you sweep them once and they keep coming back, you’ll know you have a problem.

Silverfish shed their skin throughout their lives. Therefore, the outer shells of silverfish are an indicator of an infestation. They are tiny, translucent, and fragile. Even though you won’t be able to see the silverfish moulting their skins, you can still observe the golden dust they leave behind on surfaces. These yellow stains can be found on clothes, books, papers, and cardboard boxes.

How do you keep silverfish away from your home or business?

Avoiding an infestation of silverfish is possible only if you take preventative measures. It is best to avoid situations that encourage their reproduction and appearance. Keep the things they love and need to survive close by, as it was said.

Silverfish need water, food, and shelter. If they don’t find these things, they won’t be able to thrive. Here are some ways to protect your business or home from silverfish infestation.

  • Keep all dry pantry items in sealed containers, especially those containing sugar or starch. This will ensure that they remain dry and free from silverfish.
  • Regularly vacuum and sweep your home. Silverfish can eat dust-related particles.
  • Garments should be kept dry. Clothes that aren’t worn frequently should be kept in a dry container.
  • Don’t discard leftovers. These insects could eat the leftovers from a dinner party.
  • Keep silverfish and other insects out of cracks in walls and floors. This will prevent them from hiding or laying eggs.

What type of property damage can silverfish cause?

Silverfish can cause serious damage to historical artifacts and paper records. It’s a different ballgame when the silverfish start causing damage to buildings and homes. This might not seem to be a problem if museums are empty. These unattended areas make life easier for silverfish and other insects to reproduce and thrive.

Silverfish are attracted to sugary and starchy foods and can eat a variety of household items. There are many materials that bugs could find sugars and starches in, including wallpaper, books, paintings, photographs, and wallpaper.

These bugs are attracted to protein-rich foods such as cereals and dried meat. They also like sugar and starches. These bugs also enjoy eating cereals, grains, and pet food.

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