Advanced Termite Treatment Services In Sydney

A termite infestation is worse than most other pest issues are. These pests are notorious for causing a very high level of damage to properties that are very expensive to repair. This would understandably give the property’s owner a great deal of financial strain and stress.

If you see a pest infestation beginning around your property and you’re looking for an effective termite treatment available in Sydney, look no further.

Tom’s Pest Control eliminates all termite species from residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We will perform a comprehensive termite inspection, plan our and implement a comprehensive termite control service, and provide you with helpful tips to keeps termites away from your property for good.

The Reasons Termite Treatment Is Necessary

Considering Australia is such a huge country, it comes as no surprise that it has close to 350 termite species living in it. Termites breed very quickly, meaning there are always a high number of them looking for a source of nourishment, and this includes buildings.

Here are some facts you should know about how much damage termite can cause to your property:

  • Termites consume wooden objects and furniture, causing them to develop a bubbling or wrinkled appearance. If you have any wooden furniture or items that have great sentimental value to you, they cannot be replaced once termites start eating them.
  • Although termite bites are not fatal to humans, they do tend to make anyone who’s bitten itchy and experience an allergic reaction.
  • The presence of termite nests and droppings can trigger allergic reactions and asthmatic symptoms.
  • Any decay in wooden structures caused by termites, especially those placed in damp conditions, often starts a mould infestation. To make matters worse, the mould spores that go in the air can affect the health of the building’s occupants.
  • Termites can start infesting a property if it hasn’t been taken care of properly. Anyone near such a poorly kept property will not want to go inside.
  • Some termite species damage electric wires.
Do you have any questions about your pest infestation, such as how white ant control will help to protect your premises? Speak to our qualified termite control specialists in Sydney to receive detailed answers and solutions to your problem.

How To Determine If Termites Have Infested Your Property

Although you might not see the termites in your property often, if at all, it is safe to say that the building is infested if you see the following signs:
  • Your wooden furniture or timber products are either damaged or have hollow points on them. Termites consume both softwoods and hardwoods.
  • If you see any of your stored items, such as books, papers, cardboard boxes, and the like are damaged, then it is probably because termites or white ants have attacked these items.
  • A lot of the time, mud or dirt has been deposited into the gaps of skirting or door jambs. This is the result of termites or white ants having been there. You will need the help of a professional white ant control service to place white ant barriers on these.
  • You may notice a high volume of winged insects appearing from holes near windows or doors that have recently appeared. Needless to say, these holes are the result of a termite infestation.
If you see any of these signs around the building, give Tom’s Pest Control a call straight away so we can start our termite inspection and white ant treatment services as soon as possible.
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The Termite Treatment Process

Tom’s Pest Control in Sydney offers our customers comprehensive, four-stage termite and white ant treatment services that will make a huge difference. The four stages of the treatment include:


Once you have contacted us, one of our authorised termite control specialists will come to your property. Our experienced exterminator will then conduct a white ant inspection. They will then inform of what termite species it is, the amount of the damage they have caused, what attracted them to your property, and other information.

We will also identify the behaviour of this particular species and locate the termite nests that are in and around your property. This will guide us in creating a termite and white ant barrier around your property.

The Treatment Plan

Based on the outcome of the inspection, the exterminator will design a termite treatment plan to stop these pests from causing further damage to your Sydney property. This treatment plan will include how the treatment will be carried out, the type of results you can expect, the timeline of this task, and any other relevant instructions you need to know.

Before we begin our work, we will explain to you what the treatment plan entails. As this is your property, we want to ensure that you fully understand what we have to do to protect it with our termite control services.

The Extermination Process

Our termite extermination and white ant protection experts will finish the procedure as per the treatment plan. When possible, we try to only use non-chemical treatment options. However, if the infestation and the damage your property has incurred is particularly bad, we will have to use termite foams, termite baits, or termite dust. Either way, we only use products that are industry-standard to safely perform pest extermination work.

Ongoing Prevention

Although our termite extermination work will get rid of every one of these insects, you should still use the ongoing prevention tactics we will recommend if you want long-lasting results. We will give you some termite barriers that will protect your building from experiencing another infestation in the future. There are three types of termite barriers you can use.

  • Physical barriers –a special layer that is placed under building slabs.
  • Chemical barriers – apply termiticides to the soil on the property.
  • Termite resistant materials – these include steel frames, concrete tilt slab construction, cypress pine framework, and other options.

There a few other ways you can prevent another infestation as well. Try to ensure that your property is well ventilated, seal all the possible entry points that insects might use, keep the property clean and uncluttered, and look out for any signs of termite infestation on a regular basis.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

Tom’s Pest Control is adamant about providing termite control services that help our customers get rid of the pests in their home or workplace and keep them out for good.

Our services include:

  • Same/next day termite removal services
  • APCA and TAFE-certified termite control exterminators
  • Termite control teams available all across Sydney
  • Upfront quotes, comprehensive prices
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee


How do I permanently get rid of termites in my house?

You will have to seek professional help on time if you want a permanent solution to termite issues. It will not go on its own; rather, the condition will become out of control if you delay taking an expert’s help. Look no further than our local termite control specialist.

Call us as soon as you notice any traces of termite invasion on your property. We will provide the most appropriate treatment after inspecting your place thoroughly. We have serviced numerous homes and businesses across Sydney, and we know how to treat the issue from its root for a permanent solution.

Should you cover termite holes?

If you have detected infestation before it’s too late and the termite holes are not that big, you can use a wood hardener to cover the holes. You must check the whole thoroughly before using a wood hardener and remove the rotten woods or any other debris in or around the wood to allow proper hardening that will last long. However, in case of larger holes or more significant damage, you require advanced treatment by a trained professional. You may have to change or discard some wooden structures or furniture based on the severity of an infestation issue or damage.

What is the most effective termite treatment?

Nowadays, several effective treatment options are available to remove termites permanently from your property with no chance of relapse. No two infestation issues can be the same, and hence, the treatment procedure which is most appropriate or effective for one case may not be the same for another. The effectiveness of a particular treatment method depends on many factors, including the severity and extent of the infestation, location, and duration of the issue. A professional pest control company will inspect the area to study the problem in detail and determine the appropriate treatment plan that will work most effectively.

What is the fastest way to get rid of termites naturally?

There are various time-proven remedies through which you can eliminate termites naturally. One of the most effective ways is the use of boric acid available in powdered form. You can either apply it directly on the infested place or mix it with water and use as a spray for instant result.
Boric acid has the property of killing termites and protect your property from the future risk of termite invasion. You must wear a mask, hand gloves, and goggles for maximum safety. Children and pets should not be allowed to move around while using boric acid for termite extermination.

Is termite damage covered by insurance?

Almost all home insurance policies in Australia consider termite damage as damage caused by an insect and do not cover the damage caused by any animals or insects under it. According to the insurance company, termite damages are not accidental damages and can be prevented by precautionary measures or taking proper action at the initial stage of termite invasion to your property. Still, you can check with some insurance companies because there are very few policies that provide limited coverage for property damages caused by termites. You must contact your insurance agent to get information on policy coverage.

How quickly does termite treatment work?

The possible time for getting the result of a professional termite treatment depends on the severity of the issue. If you seek our specialist termite treatment service, you will start seeing results in one or two days. However, in case of a severe infestation, it may take longer to show its best result. We emphasise destroying the root cause of the issue so that you can enjoy the permanent solution. If we find multiple termite colonies causing severe problems at your property, we will recommend a thorough treatment of the entire property to kill every termite. It will make your environment termite-free in the long term.

How often should you treat your house for termites?

Seek a quality professional service of Tom’s Pest Control to solve your termite-related issues. We will do an onsite inspection to identify the root cause and tailor a custom termite treatment plan to get the most relevant result. Our treatment generally lasts for at least five years.
Based on your property location, local climate, and other circumstances, our pest control specialist will estimate the period for which your environment is safe against termite invasion. We recommend an annual professional inspection no matter how safe your property is because an inspection will help you with underlying issues in the long run.

Should you not buy a house with termites?

You should consider a number of things before investing in a termite-infested property. We will recommend a professional inspection for each property before you plan to purchase it. The inspection service will determine the complexity of the issue. If the termite invasion is at its initial stage and the damage caused is not that big, you can buy the property and get the issue fixed by taking an expert’s help. However, if your professional finds out that the problem is complex with severe damages, it may require a long time and a large sum of money to fix the issues, it is best to change your purchasing decision.

What is the best time of year to treat for termites?

It’s a wise decision on your part to get professional inspection and treatment the moment you notice any traces of termite invasion in your property. Although there is nothing like the best time or the worst time of the year to get a termite treatment, still spring season is considered the best time by many pest control professionals in Sydney. During this time, the temperature starts rising, and the pest becomes more active and visible. It becomes more accessible for the technicians to kill all termites effectively. However, during the winter season or colder months, the termites are not so active.

How much does termite treatment cost?

Termite treatment in Sydney may cost you anywhere from $330 to $3500, depending on the type of treatment you avail. No two termite-related issues can be identical, and they require different treatment plans and procedures. Hence, it can’t be possible to give the actual price estimation without an onsite inspection and identifying the severity of termite infestation. The treatment cost varies from case to case. It depends on different factors, like your property type, the pest species, the infestation level, and the associated risks of reinfestation.
If the termite invasion is not widespread and limited to a particular area, you will have to spend less on treatment. However, if the issue is complex and the termites have formed several colonies at your property, it will sharply escalate the treatment cost.

How long does termite treatment last?

The durability of a termite treatment result depends on the quality of professional service you hire and the extermination procedure applied. Generally, most of the treatments protect your property against termite reinvasion for a couple of years. If you choose our specialist termite treatment service, we will give you a comprehensive treatment procedure after an inspection and proper planning. Our precise way of execution and prevention will protect your property for at least five years.
We strongly recommend an annual pest inspection, no matter whether you notice any signs of infestation or not. It will help in the early identification of underlying issues, if any and give long-term protection.

How does termite treatment work?

Tom’s Pest Control Sydney is renowned for giving the most effective service possible that may take a day or couple of days to complete the procedure. We focus on eliminating the issue from its root, and it will take some time to get a permanent solution. We apply treatment strategies and methods that work wonder and kills all termites, including their queen. We provide liquid soil treatment to get your property to receive termiticide treatment. The termiticides in the soli discourage the termites from entering your property. It works as an effective poison that destroys their colonies.

What is the best termite treatment?

Your professional pest control service provider will decide the best termite treatment that will suit the requirement of your property depending on the infestation level, termite species, duration of the invasion, and the damage caused to your property. It is wise to seek our specialist termite removal service without delay and get the most appropriate solution depending on your circumstances. The best termite treatment requires knowledge, planning, and execution. We have expertise in all. Our service is more than just treating pest – we inspect, plan, prevent, and protect. Contact us to learn about our products and procedures in detail.

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