Ant Pest Control In Sydney

Many homeowners and businesses across Sydney have experienced ant infestation at some point. Ants pose a risk to your property and your family or staff.

These insects reproduce quickly and can easily infest any property. Ant control can be a very hard task as they are subterranean insects that often travel long distances from their nests to gather food and water, meaning their nest may nowhere near your property.

Tom’s Pest Control offers advanced ant pest control for Sydney properties that successfully remove ants for the long-term. Protect your house or place of business by letting us handle your ant removal requirements.


What Attracts Ants?

When ants start popping up around your home or workplace, they are looking for food, water, moisture, and shelter. Ants are often attracted to various types of food, as different species prefer sweets, meats, fats, or oils.

When they find what they are looking for, ants will leave an invisible chemical trail that contains pheromones for other ants to follow once a source of food has been located. They will come to gather any food they find and take it to their nest, and they will keep coming back for more.


Where Are Ants Most Commonly Found?

Unfortunately, ants are able to enter any property through tiny cracks in the property’s foundations or in window seals, making it very easy for them to move around. They are often seen around kitchen sinks, pantries, kitchen floors, lounge room floors, or anywhere else where they can find food.
Their nests are located close to your property. They are usually underground, but they can also be built inside tree hollows, plant pots, and sometimes even inside buildings.

Types of Ants

Ants are the most likely type of insect that will try to take over your property. There are many different species of ant that have unique habits, characteristics, food preferences, and where they choose to nest.
  • Carpenter ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Black garden ants
  • White-footed house ants
  • Coastal brown ants
  • Bull ants
  • Fire ants
  • And, unfortunately, many more.

Implementing Ant Control for Your Sydney Property

Inspecting Your Property

One of our pest control experts in Sydney will perform a thorough inspection of your property to verify what type of ants are larking around, how severe the infestation is, and find every entry point the ants are using.

Our exterminator will then decide the most appropriate pest control treatment for your infestation. Whether you need a bull ant, carpenter ant, or black garden ant control service, contact us straight away.

Ant Treatment Process

The most effective method for ant treatment for Sydney properties is to bait the nest. In other words, ants will carry a poison we leave out for them to take back to their nest and eventually eliminate their entire colony.

In particularly bad cases of infestation, we offer an ant fumigation service that utilises non-toxic gases to kill every single ant inside your house.

Follow-up Appointment

You can arrange for one of our pest controllers to come back to your property for a second visit. They will inspect your property again to determine how effective their ant treatment was and advise you on how to prevent another infestation from occurring.

Why Choose Tom’s Pest Control?

If you are trying to find the best ant pest control company in Sydney to remove ants from inside your property and make sure they stay out, get in touch with our experienced ant control professionals. All of our exterminators are trained to ensure that they always delivery effective ant pest control solutions.

Regardless of how big or small the infestation is, we will speak with you to explain what course of action needs to be taken with our same day ant removal service for Sydney properties.

Residential Ant Pest Control

Tom’s Pest Control understands that your home is your personal space, and having pesky insects roaming around your house is not on. Our ant removal experts in Sydney take great pride in ensuring that our residential ant pest control service gives our customers a safe and ant-free home.
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Commercial Ant Pest Control

Ants can compromise your workplace, equipment, stock, and even the health of your employees. An infestation can even affect your company’s reputation! Talk to Tom’s Pest Control today to stop ants and other pests from causing further issues for your business.

Ant Prevention Tips

Ants will keep coming back if you provide them with food with living conditions that appeal to them. They say that prevention is better than a cure, so ensure that you always uphold high hygiene standards for your property. We can recommend some handy tips that will stop ants from coming back.
  • Clean up any food crumbs or spilt drink straight away.
  • Rinse out your cans and bottles before you put them into your recycling bin.
  • Keep your food secured.
  • Pick up your pet’s food off the ground.
  • Seal any cracks you find around your doors and windows, and keep gutters and downpipes clean.
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Can pest control get rid of ants?

Professional pest control provides the best option based on its experience, knowledge, and expertise to remove ants permanently from your property. If you seek our specialist ant control service, we will address your current problems and also treat the underlying factors. After inspecting your place, we determine our treatment procedure, identifying the particular ant species and locating their nesting sites. All our treatment plans are customised, which make them highly targeted and effective. Our great emphasis remains on destroying the root cause to provide you with a long-term ant-free environment. Call us to book an expert’s inspection service.

How much does pest control cost for ants?

At Tom’s Pest Control Sydney, we adopt a competitive pricing strategy to make our premium quality services available to most of our customers. The cost estimation of ant control services depends on the extent of the infestation, species type, property type, treatment procedures, number of visits required and duration of the treatment. If the issue is concentrated in a particular area and can be easily treated, then the service cost will be low, but the price will increase if it is widespread.
Our treatment solution includes gelling, dusting, spraying, baiting, and applying granules. All our techniques and products comply with Australian standards and are safe to use.

How do I get rid of ants overnight?

There is a number of natural remedies that will help you in getting rid of ants overnight. You can make a solution by adding 50 per cent water and 50 per cent vinegar and spray it to wipe out the ant population. White vinegar has great ant repelling and killing properties. Borax is one of the most popular ant control products. You can use cotton to soak the borax mixture and place it in the ant populated areas of your house. The ant will disappear and move away from your place. You can get the complete result overnight.

Should I hire an exterminator for ants?

You can apply natural home remedies to get rid of ants in case of mild issues. If the infestation is severe and creates an unavoidable nuisance, then it is best to book professional inspection and treatment service without wasting your time. There is no other alternative for you because the problem can’t go away on its own. Tom’s Pest Control has the industry expertise and latest tools that will remove ants from your environment without compromise your health and safety. We will address your current problem and ensure to protect your place from future risk of ant invasion.

How do you know if you have an ant infestation?

Suppose you start noticing an increasing population of ants moving around your kitchen or any other corner of your property. In that case, it’s a strong indication that you may have got ant infestation. You should not ignore the sign even if you see some ants moving here and there because it may be possible that they have formed colonies somewhere nearby dark corners of your property. You must call us for instant inspection because professional inspection can never be a wastage of your money. It will help you in the early detection of many underlying problems and timely treatment. If it is found that your property has no pest issue, it will also give you complete peace of mind.

How long does it take for an exterminator to get rid of ants?

At Tom’s Pest Control Sydney, we provide tailored treatment services with full emphasis on identifying the root cause of the issue and eliminating it completely. Our main objective is to offer you a permanent solution. The time required to complete the extermination process depends on the complexity of the ant infestation. Ants multiply in no time and can form many giant colonies inhabiting several thousands of ants. Destroying their complex colonies can be a tricky task, and it may take a couple of days to get the desired result. We apply the most effective strategies to get the result as quickly as possible.

Is it worth getting an exterminator for ants?

Suppose the ant population at your property is increasing day by day and you have started experiencing troubles because of them. In that case, it’s the best time to book for professional ant control service. The infestation issue may get worse in no time in the absence of an expert’s treatment. The local experts of Tom’s Pest Control, Sydney, have a clear understanding of the climatic condition, ant species and other factors that may trigger ant population. Hence, we provide the targeted treatment solution that will eradicate ant in the shortest time possible. We use advanced techniques and industry-approved products for safer and quicker treatment.

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