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Have you recently seen a lot of unusual holes on your clothes and are trying to find the reason behind this? Are you concerned that your rugs have been infested by moths? If so, you should contact us about our clothes and carpet moth treatment service for moth control Sydney.

Tom’s Pest Control have helped countless residents and businesses in Sydney with our high-quality, safe, and effective moth removal and moth treatment services in the Sydney area. Our qualified and experienced moth control Sydney exterminators use state-of-the-art equipment and procedures to provide you with fast and efficient service.

Why Is Moth Control Sydney Important?

While moths do not bite people, which makes them sound harmless when compared to other pests. However, they cause major damage to your clothes, carpets, and other objects, and can indirectly affect the state of your health. Some risks that can occur due to moth infestation are:
  • Moth droppings can contaminate food. Eating such food can cause someone to get a serious illness.
  • Specific types of moths attack clothes, carpets, and blankets. People who wear clothes and use blankets that moths have come into contact with might experience an allergic reaction.
  • Moth hairs form the caterpillar stage sometimes triggers asthma attacks.
  • Having moths flying around can quickly become a nuisance, especially if the property is heavily infested.
  • Some moth species are very noisy. Their noise can make people feel uncomfortable and affect how much sleep they get.
  • Brown house moths eat cereals, flour, seeds, and potatoes. The fact they can easily infest food products makes brown house moth control an essential service.
As soon as you see any of these tell-tale signs of a moth infestation, call us immediately for a moth control Sydney service.

What To Look Out For

As many moth species are photophobic, you may not be able to easily identify them. It is easier to look out for the following signs to determine what type of moth you are dealing with:
  • Examine your clothes and carpets for any signs of infestation, such as holes. Moth larvae can damage clothes since they consume fibres.
  • Inspect the darker and hidden areas around your property as moths may be nesting there. It is quite likely that you will find larvae, cocoons, and webbing in such areas.
  • Pantry moths are attracted to light and are often flying around lights at night.
If you see any of the above, get in touch with us for brown house moth control Sydney, clothes moth removal services, pantry moth services, or white moth removal in the Sydney area.

Our Moth Removal Treatment Procedure

Tom’s Pest Control provides a comprehensive moth control service for Sydney’s residential and commercial properties. Our four-stage process will get rid of every moth on the premises, ensure complete protection for your personal belongings, and protect you and your family or staff members from experiencing any health issues. Our moth control Sydney services help you to get your home back! Our team of exterminators aren’t just experts at moth control, they also specialise in commercial pest control and solar panel bird proofing services.


Once you have spoken to us about your requirements, our certified moth pest control specialists will inspect your property at a time that is convenient for you. We will identify what moth species it is, the extent of the infestation, assess how much damage they have caused, and find out what attracted them to your property to begin with.

Treatment Plan

Based on what they find during the inspection, our exterminator will establish a detailed moth treatment plan. We will explain every step of our plan to you prior to starting our work. This plan will detail what type of treatment is required, the results you can expect, how long the treatment will take, and any other instructions that need to be followed.

The Extermination Procedure

The exterminator will complete their work by the deadline that is outlined in the treatment plan. For eliminating clothes moths that typically appear in cupboards and wardrobes, we use industry-approved insecticide sprays to eliminate them. We won’t apply these insecticides to your clothes, but we have to spray it onto your floors, curtains, and elsewhere.

We also use insecticides to deal with pantry moths that are found in pantry cupboards and cabinets. We will also throw out any food that these pests have been in contact with. Once this moth treatment has been completed, we will also recommend some effective procedures you should follow to save the clothes that the moths have damaged.

Ongoing Prevention

Regardless of how effective the treatment is, you must implement some ongoing prevention steps to prevent another moth infestation from occurring at your property. We will help you try to prevent a future moth infestation from happening with tips and recommendations based on the layout of your property and the current infestation.

These steps include regularly cleaning your premises, disposing any damaged or open food products, removing any rubbish you find, cleaning your food containers, and examining your clothes for any signs of moth infestation.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

Tom’s Pest Control has helped countless people in Sydney with our excellent services. Our convenient services are a great choice for you because we offer:
  • Certified and experienced moth removal experts
  • Same/next day moth control services
  • Upfront quotes
  • Friendly service
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee


Which are the most common moth species?

Tineola Bisselliella, also known as the clothing moth, is one of the most famous moth species. Because wool is the natural fibre in which it thrives, it is precisely where it lays eggs and larvae develop. These moths can also be found in foods and stored grains, especially food.

Another annoying house insect is the pantry moth. The pantry moth lives in food and cupboard grains, and its larvae can also turn into adult moths. They are known to attack almost every meal in the house, including pet foods and dried fruits such as dates and seeds.

Next is the Luna moth. This common silk moth stands out because of its size. The enormous moth’s wings are light shades of lime green, and its body is white.

What makes a moth infestation so harmful to people and pests?

Moths’ waste and cocoons can contaminate food items. They can be a source of pathogens as they are food for other pests such as mites or fungi. People and animals allergic to moth-infested fabric and spoiled food may also experience allergic reactions.

They can be devastating pests of annual and perennial food, fibre, timber crops, and forest and food products. The affected fibre and food commodities could see their yields drop by as much as 80%.

We help residential and commercial customers with moth problems. After you tell us about the moth infestation, we will give you complete satisfaction. Then, for a quote, please call us.

Why would you hire professional moth control and removal services?

You might find it challenging to take your favourite sweater out of your closet only to discover that it is full of holes. Moths that feed on fabric are small enough to hide well and can be easily overlooked until they cause damage. Contact a professional moth control company once you have the proof.

Professionals can provide a complete moth control solution within your budget, including moth identification and prevention. Our specialists and employees exceed the standards of Quality Pro and the National Pest Management Association.

We offer a free estimate and skilled service. Our goal is to provide the best client satisfaction. Call (02) 8073 9252 immediately to discuss your pest control requirements for your home or business.

Is the moth removal and control service safe?

Permethrin can be used for moth control. Permethrin is an effective mothproofing pesticide that kills moth larvae and other insects. Unfortunately, it also damages the nervous system of moth larvae, causing them to die almost instantly.

Permethrin is broken down by the enzyme in animals and humans (except cats). They are, therefore, not affected by toxicity. Permethrin-treated items are also free from moth holes after they have been sold.

Moth larvae will not survive for more than five minutes if exposed to your products. Therefore, your consumers are protected against moth larvae and holes, and you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. The safety of your consumers depends on the moth control products.

What are the best methods to control moths?

The pollination of flowers is possible only through moths, a particular type of flying insect. The world has approximately 160,000 moth species. In Australia, there are more than 11,000 species. These are some tips to get rid of moths from your home. We also discuss potential health hazards and when it’s best to consult a professional.

After cleaning, empty your vacuum cleaner. Cedar furniture can be used to repel moths, but the scent of cedar oil will eventually fade. Cedar oil is a better alternative.

White vinegar, a natural cleaning agent, alters the pH of surfaces they come into contact with. As a result, white vinegar exposure makes moth eggs and larvae incapable of living in an environment. If you are not interested in home remedies to eliminate moths, contact Tom’s Pest Control Sydney.

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