Flea Pest Control In Sydney

Are you concerned about the increasing number of fleas that have recently been surrounding your property? Are you searching for first-class flea pest control in Sydney for your house or workplace?

The experienced exterminators at Tom’s Pest Control have been providing effective flea infestation treatment across Sydney for many years.

We implement specific flea treatment services based on the type of flea our customers are dealing with and how severe the infestation is. Our work will make a significant difference to the state of your property and your wellbeing by making your environment hygienic, clean, and pest-free again.

Why You Should Seek Flea Treatment

Fleas live in places that have high humidity and moderate temperature. This means that cities like Sydney are more likely to be exposed to fleas than people who live in inland locations are.

Although fleas are not deadly or particularly hazardous to humans, these small, wingless parasites have to be controlled because:

  • Fleas frequently bite pets and feed on their blood for sustenance. Their bites can cause irritation to your pet or possibly even transmit a deadly disease to them.
  • Fleas are very irritable and hard to deal with.
  • These parasites can affect your pets by transmitting tapeworm larvae to them, causing a tapeworm infestation.
  • Fleas can carry bacteria that cause people to experience “cat scratch fever”.
  • Sometimes when fleas bite humans, their face, mouth, and hands may become swollen. If a flea bites you, get medical treatment straight away.
  • They are often seen on pet bedding, carpets, and on the pets themselves, causing your pets to live with a high level of irritation.

Major Flea Species

Are you aware of what the major flea species that live in Sydney are? Before you contact a flea pest control company, having some knowledge on fleas can be helpful in explaining the characteristics of the fleas infesting your property. This will help our exterminators determine what type of flea it is and how to stop them.

The most common flea species in Sydney are:

  • Cat flea – This is the most common flea species in Australia. They attack rats, dogs, and other mammals, and occasionally humans too. These fleas have a reddish-brown colour, are 1-2mm long, and they use domestic cats as hosts.
  • Dog flea – Dog fleas look very similar to cat fleas, but they are not as common. While they attack many different types of mammals, they mostly affect domestic cats and dogs.
  • Bird mites – These are often found where birds make their nests. Their body is yellow, and they have 8 legs and are less than 1mm in size. Interestingly, once a mite has fed on a bird’s blood, its body’s colour changes to dark red or black.
If your cat or dog is experiencing discomfort and is always scratching itself or biting its fur, check their body for flea bites.

Our Pest Control Procedure

Tom’s Pest Control implements a four-step procedure as part of our flea control service in Sydney. Our exterminators understand how important the health and wellbeing of your family and pets are, and our services are aimed to maintain everyone’s wellbeing as well as eliminating the pests that are bothering you.


We will commence our flea treatment for homes and workplaces once you have contacted us. One of our authorised exterminators will travel to your property at a time that best suits your schedule.

The exterminator will perform an inspection of your property to identify what flea species they have to eliminate, look at your pets to examine the bites they have received, figure out the traits and invasion pattern of the fleas, and other factors. All of this is done to make your house or workplace a healthy and clean environment once again.

Treatment Plan

Based on the findings of the inspection, the exterminator will create a flea infestation treatment plan to control them. This plan includes how the treatment procedure will be carried out, any instructions the building’s inhabitants should follow, a timeline of the treatment process, the expected results, and more.

We will explain all of these steps to you before we start the flea treatment and answer any questions you have.

The Procedure

Depending on the type of flea and the level of infestation you are facing, we will decide whether a non-chemical or chemical treatment is needed, or a mix of both.

A non-chemical treatment consists of vacuuming your property, using flea bombs and foggers, and some other steps. We sometimes use a heat treatment process to eradicate the fleas when need be.

If a chemical treatment is necessary, we will use veterinarian-approved insecticides that will kill the fleas, but they are safe for you and your pets to be near. These insecticides will kill every adult flea, egg, larvae, and pupae on your property.

Ongoing Prevention

Although our flea infestation treatment is highly effective, you should still use the ongoing prevention strategies we recommend to keep fleas away for good.

We will tailor our tips to make them specific to your environment so you can get the most out of them. You should also regularly clean and mop your space, as this will help to minimise the likelihood of fleas infesting your home or workplace.

Why Tom’s Pest Control?

Tom’s Pest Control provide flea treatment for homes and workplaces that will make a great difference. Our services have helped countless people in Sydney for the following reasons:
  • Same/next day service
  • Certified pest control specialists with years of experience
  • Family and pet-friendly pest control procedures
  • An all-inclusive and upfront quote
  • Sydney-based exterminators
  • A friendly and transparent service
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee


What is the initial sign of a flea problem?

Fleas can jump on carpets, furniture, and drapes to indicate a flea infestation. You may find several dot-like bugs in your pet’s hair. You may notice that your dog is prone to scratching, licking, or biting its fur. You may also notice a lot of brown and black debris throughout your dog’s fur. These are the flea eggs that were left behind after a blood feast.

Scabs and hair loss can occur in dogs exposed to an infestation. They may also develop pale gums from blood loss. Flea-infested animals can also be more susceptible to tapeworms because certain tapeworm species use fleas as hosts. Flea-infested pets will have tapeworms in their faeces.

While fighting a flea infestation can seem daunting, there are several options. First, remember to treat your pet, house, and yard all at once. Then, contact us for expert flea pest control.

Do flea bites harm you?

Flea bites can cause discomfort and irritation for pets as well as you. However, they are usually harmless. But it is better not to scratch the flea bites. There are many home and over-the-counter remedies that can be used to relieve itching.

Your healthcare professional should be contacted if the symptoms of a flea bite persist beyond a few days. Flea bites can cause itching and irritation in both pets and humans.

Flea bites can spread illness. Fleas can transmit disease from animal to human by spreading their vectors, living creatures. The most common way vectors spread disease is through blood. The majority of vector species are bloodsuckers.

What is the best way to get rid of fleas in my home?

Fleas can’t survive on humans. Fleas do not survive on humans. Instead, they will jump from infected pets and other animals or a pet’s bed and bite at the feet, ankles, and legs. However, fleas can live on rodents, birds, and other mammals. Worldwide, there are over 2,500 different varieties of fleas.

Fleas can be attracted to certain animal feathers or hair. To hide and to feed, they may burrow into their fluffy bodies. The larval and pupal stages are over, and they lay eggs. The cycle may result in a flea infection that may need treatment.

The flea rarely spreads from one body or another. Fleas are more likely to spread from animals or people who sleep in areas where they congregate. The infestation could spread to other areas by bringing a flea-infested pet bed into a new residence.

How much time does a flea treatment last?

Many types of flea treatments for dogs include topicals, collars and pills. Because of their active ingredients to fight fleas, all three work differently. Fleas will also die at different times depending on which treatment is used.

The effectiveness of topical flea preventives has been proven to reduce the flea load in dogs by as little as 12 to 48 hours. Oral flea treatments often start to work within the first two-four hours. Regular skin checks are recommended for your pet in areas with high parasite numbers.

If you find fleas on your pet, don’t be alarmed. You can effectively eliminate these pests with the right treatment. Often, it takes only hours. In addition, flea prevention can be applied topically to eliminate infestations quickly.

How much does flea treatment cost?

The average cost for a first appointment is $100 to $200. If you have multiple locations that require treatment, large properties, or live in an area with high living costs, expect your cost to rise.

Because one visit may not be enough, you might want to have the exterminator back for another visit. An exterminator professional can help you eliminate fleas faster than DIY treatment.

They can be extremely helpful in maintaining a healthy environment that is flea-free for your family. Tom’s Pest Management Sydney specialists can be reached for more details.

What keeps the fleas at bay?

Flea traps can be made using water and dish soap at home. Place a plate or basin filled with warm water and dish detergent in the rooms where fleas live.

It is recommended to use an herbal spray to get rid of fleas. The all-natural flea treatment can be used around pets, children, and other household objects because it contains no toxic ingredients.

Contact your local flea control professionals if you think you have a flea problem in your yard or home and want to know how to eradicate it.

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