Wood Borer Treatment In Sydney

Noticed your wooden furniture or timber on your property infested by wood borers? They can cause many problems for properties made with timber and they also ruin the quality and value of wooden furniture.

If you are looking for borer pest control in Sydney, Tom’s Pest Control can help you. We have many years of experience in providing fast, safe, and specific wood borer treatment and building inspection services. In that time, we have served countless houses in Sydney whose problems were quickly resolved.

We understand how valuable your furniture  can be to you, both in dollar value and sentimental value. Therefore, our borer treatment solutions are made to eliminate every single borer we find, without compromising the value.

Major Borer Species Found In Sydney

There are various borer species living in Sydney, each with their own characteristics. Furniture is often imported and moved around, so even if your piece isn’t made in NSW, we still cover you. The following species of borers can inflict a high level of damage to your wooden furniture and furnishings and would need to be dealt with using effective borer treatment as soon as possible:

Common Furniture Beetle

Common furniture beetles consume both hardwoods and softwoods. They can cause great damage to wooden products, such as wood flooring, joinery, structural timbers, decorative woodwork, wooden tools, musical instruments, and much more.

House Longhorn Beetle

The house longhorn beetle mostly infests seasoned and partly seasoned softwoods, especially timber in the roof space. They create flight holes that are usually between 3mm and 7mm.

Powder Post Beetle

Powder post beetles infest hardwood timber as the females need to fit their eggs into the pores. They make pin-hole sized openings that are 1-2 mm in size, which are often called shot holes.

Signs Of Wood Borer Attacks

If you are unsure if you’re dealing with an infestation, the following signs will help you verify this so you can begin your borer pest control journey sooner rather than later:
  • There are many small holes oval or round-shaped holes in your furniture and wood products.
  • Borer dust or frass are often seen just under the timber products.
  • The timber boards and floorboards are crumbling or are weak and damaged.
  • Tunnels appear in the wood due to the wood borers’ larvae.
  • Wood borer larvae, eggs, and dead borers appear on the floor under wooden products.
  • You might sometimes hear the borer larvae scraping the wood.
Not only can the wood borers in your house cause costly damage to the wood, but they may also damage wooden products that may have sentimental value to you and your family. If you experience any of the above wood borer infestation symptoms, Tom’s Pest Control can help save your furniture and timber products with our borer treatment and borer control services Sydney.

The Pest Control Procedure

Tom’s Pest Control provides a thorough borer pest control service with our a four-step procedure. Our exterminators can offer you the best wood borer control services in Sydney for both residential and commercial properties.


As soon as you call us about the borer control problem you are experiencing, one of our pest control experts will visit and inspect your property as soon as they can. The inspection will reveal what borer species you are dealing with, the extent of the damage they have caused, factors that caused the infestation to begin with, and other information.

We will also inform you of what wood repairs will be required to restore your property to its original condition.

Treatment Plan

Once the inspection has been completed, the exterminator will formulate a wood borer treatment plan to help you protect your timber and furniture, and also stop future pest attacks from happening. Every treatment plan we design is based on the type of borer that has infested your property and how much damage they have inflicted.

The treatment plan provides details on the treatment procedure, how long the treatment should go for, any necessary instructions and guidelines for the occupants, and the expected outcome.

Pest Eradication

The exterminator will complete the treatment at your property as per the wood borer treatment plan. There are three types of treatments: water-based treatments, fumigation treatments, and entotherm heat treatment.

We usually implement a combination of these procedures to achieve the best results. These procedures should also significantly reduce the likelihood of another infestation from occurring in the future.

Prevention Tips

Wood borers may eventually return to your Sydney property to consume more wood after a while if the right prevention strategies are not applied. As such, we provide our customers with effective tips to stop future borer attacks from happening.

You can considerably reduce the likelihood of infestation occurring simply by keeping your surroundings neat and tidy. This includes mowing your grass, trimming your trees and bushes, and repairing any cracks found around your property to limit how many entry points wood borers may take advantage of. You should also inspect your furniture and other wooden products on a regular basis in case another borer attack occurs. If that is the case, contact us immediately.

A Hassle-Free And Comprehensive Borer Treatment Experience

Tom’s Pest Control offers a premium borer pest control service for Sydney homeowners and businesses by helping them stop their infestation from getting worse. All types of customers trust us as we are adamant about providing exceptional service standards.
  • Quick same or next day service
  • Trained, certified, and very experienced exterminators
  • All-inclusive prices included in our upfront quote
  • Sydney-based pest control teams
  • A transparent and friendly customer service
  • Very competitive prices
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

In addition to our borer treatment Sydney, we also offer a range of other pest control services to keep your home safe and protected. Explore our full range of services including borer control and termite control today to keep your home in the best shape. 



How do I determine a wood borer?

If you see tiny openings in your furnishings and the dirt bordering them, or if your wood floor covering shows up breakable, you might have a borer problem.

Wood borers are parasites that consume wood and also wood furnishings. There are numerous wood borers in Australia. Some threaten, and also some serve.

The typical furnishings beetle is one of the most common borers discovered in Australia. It is brownish and oblong, and its dimension differs from 2.7 to 4.5 mm. They can develop 2-3 mm vast departure openings when the furnishings prepare to go.

What are the considerable indications of a wood borer invasion?

Early discovery is essential to avoid more damage from wood borers. Listed below discussed are the indicators of the wood borer problem: –

  • Fresh leave openings in the timber will certainly be oblong with sharp sides and appear tidy and brand-new.
  • Passages in the timbers, occasionally referred to as “galleries,” usually are testing to place.
  • Birthed dirt (additionally referred to as frass) is developed by adult beetles and is generally noticeable under infected timber.
  • Weak and harmed floorboards– a foot or chair leg failing the flooring could be a severe problem in difficult situations.
  • Collapsing wood-at edges or along sides of roof covering joists or floorings
  • Dead beetles are frequently seen near polluted lumber or on bordering windowsills.
  • Adult beetles turn up from the wood at various times.
  • Eggs: their dimension differs depending on the beetle, yet they are all tough to see with the nude eye.

Can wood borer be dealt with?

Yes, you can deal with the wood borer torment in your household building. They use natural items and devices to remove borer beetle damage.

Tom’s Pest Control Sydney thinks prompt and reliable treatment is essential to reducing mishaps and shedding important items. So, we comprehend your demands and the strategies for getting rid of the pest problem.

We prioritise the security of your household and pet dogs while recovering your residence to pest-free standing with marginal disruption. Our pest control operators ensure that the wood borer problem will certainly be eliminated, which will certainly not return.

How can I figure out if the borers are still active?

To identify whether Borers are energetic, attract a circle to any entry/exit openings situated on or under the influenced timbers and check out at three months. If no brand-new spaces are created, they are presumed to be non-active. On the other hand, it is presumed that if added openings make, it is energetic.

Old furnishings and architectural timbers like floor covering are prominent targets for borers. Old furnishings must constantly be evaluated carefully because they may present borers in a house. Great borer dirt from the arising openings is regularly launched when an item of contaminated timber is knocked.

Not all openings or dirt show that borer task still exists in the timber. However, positioning paper under the harmed timber and consistently checking for dirt manufacturing could show the task if the number of openings is also wonderful to make this treatment achievable.

What is the life span of a wood borer?

Relying on the scenario, varieties and teams of pests called wood-boring beetles take in and damage the wood in their larval or grown-up phases. These beetles’ larval phases, in charge of a lot of the damage, are often described as woodworms. The family members of longhorn borers, bark beetles, and weevils have one of the most variety.

The borer’s life process lasts around 3 years from egg to grown-up. However, after arising from its leave opening in the wood, the grown-up Anobium borer, which has a brief life expectancy of just a couple of weeks, starts reproducing and laying eggs.

The borer invests the lengthiest component of its life process as a grub or larva in the affected timber, which creates architectural damage to the timber. The larval phase lasts at least 2 years and is invested in the wood.

How do you deal with borer damages?

You might do so by maintaining an eye out for wood powder around polluted furnishings. For example, if the powder is white and does not glob with each other, larvae might still exist.

The larvae have actually established and left the affected furnishings if the powder is clumpy and yellow. If the problem is consistent, dealing with the influenced things is essential. Also, chemicals have to be utilised when taking care of adult beetles. You need to either change the infected item or safely secure it if there is a non-active infection.

You might pick whether to remove the furnishings if it is your own. To safeguard your liked ones, it is essential to inspect for substantial damages as well as repair work polluted by real estate frameworks.

How do borers cause damage?

Wood-boring insects can be considered pests due to their destructive nature in urban and rural areas. These pests are especially dangerous to residential properties in urban areas.

The four most common wood-boring insects are termites, bark, wood borers, and powder post beetles. You might have noticed them when they started to eat wood.

Adult beetles place their eggs in holes and fissures made of wood. The larvae will spend many years chewing their way through the wood after the eggs emerge. Wood borers benefit forest environments by recycling nutrients from dead or dying trees.

How can a borer get in the wood?

Wood borer larvae infiltrate wood as tiny dots, almost invisible to the naked eye. They live inside the wood, eating it from the inside.

After spending a long time tunnelling in the woods, the adult is eager to get out. The adult beetle has a hole about 1-2 mm in diameter. The trapdoor is the last wood-destroying act.

After about three to four weeks, they stop eating wood and reproduce. These tiny eggs hatch, and the larvae then slip into the wood, digging a small, almost invisible hole. Finally, the eggs are placed on top of the wood.

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