About Black House Spiders

Black House Spiders (Badumna insignis), also known as window spiders, are dark-coloured spiders having a dorsal pattern of white markings on their charcoal-grey abdomen. They build elaborate, lacy webs around window frames and use them to catch insects for food. They are not considered dangerous to humans but may bite if provoked.

Black house spiders are robust dark spiders, measuring about 12 – 18 mm in length. They have a brownish carapace and grey-brown banded legs. Moreover, these spiders feature a distinctive white marking on their abdomen and dense, velvety hair covering their body.

Black house spiders are mainly found in Australia, particularly in the eastern and southern parts of the nation. They are seen in urban areas around houses and gardens, where they build their funnel-shaped webs. They prefer to live in dark, moist places such as under rocks, logs, and crevices.

Diet of Black House Spiders

Black house spiders feed on insects, such as flies, beetles, and moths, which they catch in their funnel-shaped webs. These spiders are nocturnal and hunt for food at night. They are not aggressive towards humans and usually bite if they feel threatened.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Black House Spiders Venomous?

Yes, black house spiders (Badumna insignis) are venomous. However, their venom is not considered to be dangerous to humans. While a black house spider bite can cause some local pain, swelling, and redness, it is not considered life-threatening.

Do Black House Spiders Eat Insects?

The diet of black house spiders mainly consists of insects and other small arthropods, such as flies, moths, beetles, and ants. However, they are opportunistic feeders and feed on the prey they can catch.

How Do Black House Spiders Catch Their Prey?

Black house spiders use their webs to catch their prey. First, they spin a sticky web and wait for insects to become entangled, and then they quickly move in to capture and eat their prey.