Garden Orb Weaving Spider Control: What Are They?

Garden Orb Weaving Spiders are a common sight for Sydney inhabitants, recognised for their unique shapes and vibrant hues.

The spiders vary in size, and there are over 100 species, some exclusive to the city’s coastal areas.

If you come across these spiders in your house or workplace and desire to eliminate them, you can hire professional spider pest control services near you.

How To Identify Garden Orb Weaving Spiders?

Here are some tips to help you identify different spider species in your garden:

  • Find distinctive features like leaf-like patterns or white-edged stripes on brown or grey bodies to determine if the spider is dangerous.
  • Watch for large, colourful orb webs between plants and bushes, as they are often created by garden orb weaving spiders, which can help you identify the type of spider with which you are dealing.


Keep an eye out for garden orb weaving spiders –truly captivating creatures. These adaptable arachnids can thrive in various environments, including gardens, forests, and urban areas.

In Australia, this spider’s two most prevalent species are Eriophora biapicata and E. transmarina, typically found in the eastern and southern regions. Their circular webs are particularly notable, and they use them to trap their prey.


Garden orb-weaving spiders create amazing wheel-shaped webs in the air between trees and shrubs. These webs are expertly crafted to capture flying insects, making them ideal for spiders to catch their prey.

During the day, these spiders hang upside down in the middle of their webs, waiting for their next meal. They have impressive catching skills and can even capture prey larger than themselves.

Signs To Spot Garden Orb Weaving Spider

To identify a garden orb-weaving spider, look for these key features:-

  • Varying in size, these spiders are typically 15-30mm in body size, but size alone is not enough for identification.
  • Males are smaller than females. Males range from 15-17mm, while females measure between 20-25mm.
  • Female spiders have a sharp epigynum and a triangular-shaped, hairy abdomen, giving them a unique appearance.
  • The spider’s triangular-shaped, rounded abdomen is covered in hair, making it another distinctive feature to look out for.

Methods Used By Spiders To Catch Food

Garden orb-weaving spiders use the following technique to capture food:

  • They build intricate webs between plants and trees.
  • Their expert web-building skills entangle unsuspecting insects.
  • Once the prey becomes trapped, the spiders detect the vibrations and move swiftly.
  • They bite and cover the prey before consuming it.
  • If the prey is too big, the spiders release it to prevent damaging their web, highlighting their resourcefulness and adaptability.

Risk Factor

Garden orb weaving spiders rarely bite humans unless they feel threatened. Their bites may cause pain, numbness, or swelling, but these symptoms usually disappear independently. Although rare, some bites may cause sickness or dizziness, so medical attention should be sought. Remember to stay calm and seek help if symptoms are concerning. Overall, these spiders are harmless to humans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are demon orb weaver spiders found?

The demon orb weaver is a spider from the Araneidae family, recognised for its black and white appearance similar to the yin and yang symbol. They reside in tropical areas of Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia and create impressive webs up to two meters wide.

What do orb weaver spiders eat?

Orb-weaver spiders primarily eat flying insects such as moths, flies, and mosquitoes. They catch their prey by spinning intricate webs between plants and trees.

What kills golden orb spiders?

Golden orb spiders have few natural predators, as their venom is potent enough to deter most animals. However, some birds, lizards, and wasps are known to prey on them. In addition, human activity, such as habitat destruction and pesticide use, may also threaten their survival.