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Is there an increasing number of flies hanging around your home or your commercial property? If so, you should look for an expert fly pest control service based in Sydney.

Tom’s Pest Control can help you. We are the number one fly pest control company in Sydney who have helped countless homeowners and businesses everywhere from Bondi to Penrith. The standardised and safe fly infestation treatment procedures performed by our experienced exterminators will keep your space hygienic.

Although flies do not bite or attack people or pets, they can still be a health hazard as they can transmit numerous diseases. It is critical that you contact our fly infestation Sydney technicians as soon as possible to deal with your fly problem quickly.

Whether you have a domestic fly infestation or you’re needing commercial fly control for your business or workplace, our team at Tom’s Pest Control can help you deal with your fly infestation. No job is too big or too small for our dedicated and experienced team!

Why You Need To Control Flies Around Your Property

Did you know that flies can put your health at risk, as well as reduce the atmosphere and cleanliness of your property? There are many good reasons why you should seek fly infestation treatment in a timely fashion:
  • It may be hard to believe, but you are more likely to contract a disease from a fly than from a cockroach or rodent.
  • The World Health Organisation concluded that at least 65 diseases are spread due to flies, such as diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, cholera, typhoid fever, skin diseases, tuberculosis, and others.
  • Flies can contaminate your food and the overall hygiene of your property.
  • Besides being a general nuisance, having flies swarming around your property is a major sign that its cleanliness and hygiene standards need to be improved.
By hiring Tom’s Pest Control to implement a fly infestation treatment Sydney, you can protect the health and wellbeing of your family, staff, pets, and yourself.

Types Of Flies In Sydney

House Fly

House flies are perhaps the most common fly species in Australia. They can hinder the sanitation level of your house or workplace as they feed on both human and pet food, rubbish, faeces, and dead animals.


Blowflies are attracted to food and tend to place their eggs on top of the food’s surface, which also contaminates the food. These flies are known to transmit pathogens to pets, livestock, and even a person’s open wounds. They also spread various illnesses, such as dysentery, eye infections, and more.

Fruit Fly

As their name implies, fruit flies look for fermenting fruit residues to eat, which are often found in orchards, breweries, and fruit and vegetable plots. Fruit flies are only one-third of the size of house flies.

Bush Fly

Bush flies constantly hover around humans, especially if they detect any saliva, sweat, or tears. They can cause eye infections and enteric diseases as well.

The Fly And Maggot Treatment Procedure

Tom’s Pest Control utilises a thorough four-step fly infestation treatment and control procedure to rid your Sydney property of flies, their eggs, maggots, and the diseases they often carry. We will commence our action plan as soon as you contact us about your fly treatment needs.


One of our certified Sydney fly control technicians will come to your property to complete an inspection. While conducting their inspection, our technician will identify the type of fly that is infesting your property, what caused them to infest your property, any damage the flies may have caused, the health risks they pose, and other factors.

Treatment Plan

A fly control treatment plan will be made to reduce the flies hanging around your property. Our fly treatment plans for Sydney homes and businesses will include what specific type of treatment is required, how long the treatment will take to finish, the expected outcome, and any further instructions for you to follow.

Before the fly treatment begins, we will thoroughly explain what the fly control treatment plan entails so you understand what will happen next.

Fly Control Treatment

Tom’s Pest Control is adamant about providing our customers with safe fly infestation treatments. We prefer to use non-insecticide control options rather than chemical treatments. Our exterminators use various treatment options, such as traps, fly baits, liquid applications, and other techniques to eliminate the flies surrounding your premises.

Ongoing Prevention

Unfortunately, the treatment by itself cannot keep flies away for the long-term. There are a variety of tips and tricks that you can use to control the flies around your property and minimise the likelihood of your property becoming infested again.

We will suggest tips as well as basic fly control tactics to use. Simple things like regularly cleaning your kitchen, properly storing your food products, and maintaining your yard on a regular basis will help.

Why Tom’s Pest Control For Fly Control?

When it comes to fly infestation, it’s a serious issue that you will want resolved as soon as possible! Our team at Tom’s Pest Control offer efficient and thorough fly pest control services, so that you can rid your home or business of your pesky fly infestation! 

We also have a range of other pest control services available including termite control so that you can enjoy a pest free space thanks to our team at Tom’s Pest Control.

Tom’s Pest Control is renowned throughout Sydney for our professional fly removal service, here are some of the things that set us apart from other pest control service providers in Sydney.

  • Fast same or next day service
  • Qualified pest control specialists
  • An upfront and reasonably priced quote
  • Friendly fly removal services for people in Sydney.
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee


How can you eliminate a fly infestation?

To eliminate a fly infestation, you must first focus on its vulnerabilities. They are attracted to brightness and scent. You can kill them with essential oils and potent fragrances.

A homemade fly trap can be made that works indoors or out. These flying insects love fermented apple juice or Apple cider vinegar traps. A repellent spray is another effective way to eliminate insects.

Lavender is known for its pleasant scent and ability to repel insects. In addition, the faint clove scent repels flies. Combining lemon and this little spice will make an effective insect repellent.

Do I need to call pest control for flies?

You may not need to do much work to resolve some fly problems. For example, one fly that enters your home through the front door may buzz about, causing you to be annoyed.

Fly problems can be solved. However, it can take some effort to eradicate specific fly infestations. If you find that new flies are appearing to replace your old ones, or if you have more than you can handle, you might need to contact a professional.

Tom’s Pest Control Sydney will send a qualified specialist to inspect your home and look for potential nesting spots for housefly eggs. You also get protection against pests that can spread disease, ruin your home’s structure, or wreak havoc with your possessions.

What are the signs and symptoms of a fly infestation?

The flies most often detect a housefly infestation. Lapteric larvae can be seen emerging from their nests as they become pupae. In addition, House flies can be heard around the house and seen by some people.

House flies buzz because their wings beat in unison. House flies also have four black stripes along their thorax and a grey appearance. The length of an adult house fly is between 1/8 and 1″ (4 to 7 mm).

Their body is slightly hairy, and they have one set of wings. They also have compound red eyes equipped with thousands of tiny lenses to give them a wider field of vision. Female houseflies are usually more important than their male counterparts. Houseflies do not have fangs or stingers.

What diseases can flies transmit?

Studies have shown that flies can transmit up to 65 diseases, including cholera and viral disorders. In addition, because they are poor eaters, they have easy access to many places.

Some of the most common infectious diseases spread by flies are:

  • Enteric diseases include cholera and diarrhoea, typhoid, and typhoid.
  • Parasitic Infections
  • Trachoma and pandemic conjunctivitis (two eye diseases) are examples.
  • Poliomyelitis
  • Skin infections include cutaneous diphtheria and yaws.

Did you know that a fly can fly as far as 30 km to find food? Unfortunately, you may also find them bringing along a lot of garbage and dirt from their journeys that they dump onto your food. This is why it’s essential to protect your food against contagious insects.

What are the differences between different types of flies?

Two wings distinguish the wide varieties of flies encountered daily by the average person, including the common house fly and mosquitoes and gnats and gnats. It is the distinguishing characteristic of the extra-large Diptera order.

Given the more than 150 000 Diptera species and the fact that there are over 100 families, it would not be easy to complete the classification of all the fly species. The most common types of flies include:

  • Darden Flies
  • Drain Fly
  • Muscidae Housefly
  • Blow Flies
  • Biting Flies
  • Sand Flies
  • Black Flies
  • Snipe Flies
  • Horse Flies
  • Bee Flies
  • Flower Flies
  • Tachinid Flies
  • Robber Flies and many other things

We recommend you ask a local guide before buying any fly control products. It is easy to arrive with a full fly box and not have the fish’s needed items.

Visit your local fly shop to conduct your research. You can also hire professional fly control services.

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