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If you want a reliable and effective pest control company specialising in office environment solutions, look no further than Tom’s Pest Control. We offer customised services that will suit your needs, whether prevention or removal.

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Types Of Pest Treatment Services

Tom’s Pest Control provides many different commercial office pest control services in Sydney to help businesses get rid of the troublesome pests that have infested their property.

Contact us if you need any of the below services:

We plan our office pest control services based on the factors of your infestation. This includes the severity of the infestation, what pest species you are dealing with, and how much damage has been caused to the property.

Why Do You Need Pest Control For Office Buildings

Imagine the chaos ensuing if pests were to take up residence in your office building. Imagine how much damage they could do, from destroying property and spreading disease – not only for you but also for all of your employees and staff working there.

The problem of pests in the workplace is serious, mainly because these tiny creatures can sneak into office buildings through small cracks and crevices. They will quickly multiply to contaminate food sources if left unchecked – which could pose health problems for employees. In addition, it can badly impact businesses’ reputations affecting the bottom line.

If you suspect a pest in your office, don’t hesitate to take professional service. We have specialisation in pest control office service. The knowledge and expertise of our team will help keep your office environment safe and healthy.

Our Pest Control Services For Office In Sydney

Tom’s Pest Control has been providing reliable pest control services to office buildings in Australia for more than 20 years. We offer a full range of commercial, termite, Ant etc.. pest control services that meet the needs and requirements of each client, including:


Pests can be pesky, and their infestation may cause severe damage to your office building. If you don’t take care of it before the problem worsens, the situation may become out of control. In addition, pests carry diseases that could quickly spread among your employees. So, companies need to seek professional inspection regularly. It is the best means to avoid pest invasion or infestation.

Identification and Removal

Tom’s Pest Control is the industry leader in pest control. We have years of experience and expertise to handle any infestation. Our pest control office building service includes identifying and removing pest types from your office environment. We use different techniques depending on the type(s) of pests and their infestation level.


We have the perfect solution for the pest, but our service doesn’t end here. Our team will work to create a customised plan for your office to ensure your safety from future infestations and reduce the overall service cost.

Training and Education

We will offer you the opportunity to receive training and education on pest control management programs. With this knowledge, your staff can identify early signs of an infestation before it becomes too late. We will also teach what types of pests can infest your office building and how to prevent their entry.


What is the most common pest found in the workplace?

The most common pest found in the workplace is the common housefly and cockroach. Houseflies are attracted to garbage, rotting meat, and other filth. As a result, they can contaminate food and spread disease. In some cases, they may also bite humans.

Cockroaches are omnivorous and eat about anything, including food crumbs, paper, and other insects. They are primarily active at night and can travel up to 100 feet per night. Unfortunately, cockroaches can also cause allergic reactions in some people.

It’s important to keep garbage cans tightly sealed and to clean up spills and other messes regularly to prevent flies and cockroaches from becoming a problem in your workplace. You can also install fly strips or use an insecticide to kill flies. However, you must ask for professional office pest control if the infestation is severe.

How often shall I hotel professional pest control for a business?

It depends on the type of business, but a good rule of thumb is every 3 to 6 months.

Some businesses are more susceptible to pests than others. For example, a restaurant will likely need pest control more often than a law office. The best way to determine how often to get pest control is to speak with a professional who can assess your business needs.

What can you do to prevent the presence of pests?

There are a variety of things you can do to prevent the presence of pests in your home or garden. One easy solution is to keep your living and workspaces clean, tidy, and free of debris. It will make it less inviting for pests like cockroaches, mice, or rats.

You can also use natural deterrents like peppermint oil or lavender essential oil. These oils are known to be unpleasant for pests and can help keep them away. Finally, you can install physical barriers like screens on windows and doors or metal mesh over air vents to keep pests out.

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