What Is Bull Ants?

Bull ants possess impressive size. They differ from other ant species because of their aggressive behaviour. As a result, they can sting or bite you if you disturb them or they feel threatened. These insects are known for their excellent eyesight. It allows them to see and hunt their prey even at long distances. Also, they build their colonies in soil like other ants.

You can quickly identify these ants because they are large and can grow up to 40 mm. Their long, slender mandibles and big eyes differentiate them from other ant species. In addition, these ants have excellent eyesight. It allows them to track their prey from a three-foot distance.

There are approximately 90 bull ant species found in Australia. Many of them have red or orange abdomens and brighter-looking heads. The smaller ant is called the jumper ant. It can aggressively jump on you if they feel you as their intruder.

The ant types are found in forests and urban areas across Australia. They prefer to build their nest below the soil, rocks, logs, and outdoor areas. You can also find them in coastal regions, desert areas, and sandplain.

They prefer to eat seeds, insects, fruits, nectar, and other plant liquids. These ants get attracted by different food sources. They search for food items and like to carry them to their nesting sites.

The bull ants undergo four stages of development to complete their life cycle. It involves eggs, larvae, pupae, and mature adults. It requires several months for an ant egg to transform into an adult. When the queen mates, she digs a hole in her nest to lay her eggs there safely.

These insects can build 2 nest types – simple and complex. The simple nests consist of a shaft in the middle of the hill. On the contrary, the complex nests are built underground. Generally, they are surrounded by mounds.

Several species of bull ants do not have colony workers. Instead, the aggressive queen raids the nest of another species. She enters the colony of the resident queen, kills her and takes over her nest.

Danger to Humans

These ants can sting you if they feel disturbed or threatened. Their sting can cause allergic reactions or pain. You can use an ice pack to manage it. However, if the pain or allergic reaction is severe, you should contact a healthcare professional for proper treatment.

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Bull ants are aggressive and can give you a painful sting if you cross their path. So, you should not risk the health and safety of your people. Instead, you can call an expert to rid your property of these dangerous creatures. It’s worth it for your security and peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do bull ants attack humans?

Bull ants are highly aggressive and can pose a severe threat to humans. If these ants feel threatened, they may attack. They use their strong mandibles and stinger, resulting in a painful bite and possible allergic reactions. Therefore, avoiding areas where this species commonly resides is best to stay safe.

Where can you find bull ants?

You can find the world of bull ants in Australia. These creatures inhabit woodlands, forests, and even metropolitan areas. They like to gather and invade areas with abundant food sources.

Where do bull ants build their nests?

Bull ants are elusive species that tend to build their nests that lie deep underground, making it rare to spot them. Their small entrances, hard to identify, pose a challenge for many. You should note that these ants are fiercely defensive of their territory and will attack anyone who dares to encroach on their home.