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Australia is known throughout the world for being the home of a wide range of spider species, and some of them are deadly. You have to be very careful when dealing with any spiders you find around your Sydney property. If you have been seeing many spider webs around your property lately, then a spider infestation has started.

You will require a professional spider control treatment to remove them from your Sydney property. This is where Tom’s Pest Control comes in. We offer effective spider treatment services for Sydney’s residents and businesses to protect their building from further infestation.

We implement our services based on what type of spider is living in your property, the extent of the infestation, and other factors. Whether you require black house spider treatment, white tail spider treatment, wolf spider treatment, or huntsman spider treatment, our spider treatment Sydney services will keep these pests away for good.

Sydney’s Spider Species

The following spider species are often seen around Sydney:
  • Wolf spiders
  • Redback spiders
  • Black house spiders
  • White tail spiders
  • Huntsman spiders
  • Mouse spiders
These spider species are often found various parts of buildings, such as the walls, behind furniture, window corners, sheds, and elsewhere. As these spiders are poisonous, you should contact a pest control company to prevent yourself from getting bitten.

Signs Of Spider Infestation

There are numerous signs that you will find around your interior and exterior spaces that will reveal that spiders have infested your premises. You should call Tom’s Pest Control for a spider treatment for your Sydney property if you see any of the following signs:
  • Seeing spider webs on ceilings, corners, or untouched walls.
  • If there are other insects infesting your property too, spiders will likely start appearing to eat them.
  • The least accessed parts of your property are the most likely places where you will see spiders. This is why you should regularly inspect these areas.
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The Risks That Come With A Spider Infestation

Spiders are very dangerous and poisonous creatures that need to be dealt with immediately by professionals to protect your property for the following reasons:
  • Spider bites can cause various health issues, including a high level of pain, necrosis, respiratory issues, and other ailments.
  • Spiders and webs indicate that your property has been poorly maintained, making it look unappealing and unwelcoming for your guests.
  • Spiders trap and eat other insects; this can cause these other insects to start infesting your premises.

Our Spider Control Treatment

Tom’s Pest Control’s comprehensive four-step spider control service includes the following steps that will return your home or workplace to its original pest-free state.


Right after you contact us about your spider infestation, our certified spider control professionals in Sydney will travel to your property and conduct a thorough inspection of it. The inspection will ascertain what spider species you are dealing with, their characteristics, how bad the infestation is, see if these pests have damaged any parts of your property, and other necessary work.

Treatment Plan

We will design a spider control treatment plan made to factor in the layout and other factors of your property to completely eliminate every spider living there. The plan explains every step of the treatment procedure, how long the treatment will take, the expected outcome, and any other instructions for the property’s occupants to follow.

The Extermination Procedure

The extermination procedure we follow will be based around the information about your infestation that was determined through our inspection. Depending on how badly the spiders have infested your building, we will use either a chemical or non-chemical treatment procedure, or a combination of the two.

We use industry-approved insecticides and chemicals to eliminate and remove the spiders from your property that is safe for your children and pets to be around.

Ongoing Prevention Tips

Once our exterminator has finished the treatment, they will recommend some helpful tips to prevent another spider infestation from occurring. They will base their advice on the factors that caused your infestation and the layout of your property. These should be followed; otherwise more spiders may come.

The following methods will help to have better control over spiders:

  • Clean your floors, walls, and hidden areas, and throw out any clutter on a regular basis.
  • Regularly trim the excess tree leaves and branches, as well as shrubs, on your property.
  • Put flyscreens on your windows and weather strips on your doors to make it harder for spiders to enter your house or workplace.
  • Do a general inspection around your property a regular basis to see if any spiders are lurking around.

Why Tom’s Pest Control For Spider Removal Treatment?

We are renown in Sydney’s pest control industry for using advanced techniques and equipment that will eliminate every pest on your Sydney property. Our spider treatment Sydney services have helped homeowners and businesses across Sydney due to the following factors:
  • Same/next day spider removal services
  • APCA and TAFE-certified spider control experts
  • Safe, hassle-free extermination services
  • Upfront quotes
  • 100% complete satisfaction guarantee

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