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Tom’s Pest Control is an ideal solution for home or business owners who keep health and safety at the top of their priority list. Trust our experts who have been delivering green, innovative and premium pest management in Hornsby for many years.

We understand that a pest-free home is a happy home. It is a place where you feel comfortable and safe and we work to keep it that way. Pests make your home misery and we won’t let it happen.

Pests don’t just sit in one place. At any time, they could be crawling on the floor and your bed and the very next moment you will see their dropping lying on the food and clothes. It will be very difficult to tolerate them and that is why we offer our best-in-class services to cover all types of pests.

Termite pest treatment & control in Hornsby

A termite inspection is something you should ignore. They are nasty tiny critters that can have a devastating impact on your home or property. Termites have been known to feed on various wooden structures and articles containing cellulose. From a structural standpoint, they create serious trouble for homeowners. But the good news is that early detection can save you from costly repairs.

Even though pest infestations are unavoidable, we work to eliminate them by using our advanced and proven pest control methods. Our post-construction treatments will preserve the value of your home by keeping it pest-free.

Bird Control in Hornsby

Nesting birds frequently cause problems for residential and commercial property owners in Hornsby. They can be seen creating a mess in and around apartments. If you are fed up with their presence in your building and looking for an affordable pest control solution, Tom’s Pest Control can help you.

We have designed a humane and effective Solar Panel Bird Proofing and bird control solution that will discourage them from landing on your terrace, balcony or rooftop. Our bird control products will allow you to improve the attractiveness of your home or business, minimize the damage caused to stonework, tiles and walls and metal due to droppings. To stop structural damage before it occurs, you can seek professional help from us.

Ant treatment & control in Hornsby

If you’re noticing a few scattered ants in your home, it is not too difficult to treat them with DIY methods or spray treatment, but if the ant infestation is high, you may need professional help.

Controlling the ant infestation is not easy, it requires years of experience and expertise in terminating them successfully. If ants have created a nuisance in your home by contaminating food, spoiling your plants and giving you painful bites, it is time to do something to get rid of them. Don’t go anywhere, just call us right away. We’ll make your home ant-free in no time.

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Quick and safe treatment for cockroaches

No one will like if cockroaches crawling around in their home. They’re just not creepy, but the many serious problems are related to them. You may be taking it casually that you’ve only spotted one or two cockroaches around and you can deal with the problem easily using baits or a spray.

The thing is that the ones you noticed are just a small part of the infestation. There will be much more hiding behind your walls, inside cracks, under the floor and behind the furniture and electrical appliances. So, to control them completely, Tom’s Pest Control has a solution for you.

Rodent (mice/rat) treatment techniques

Putting out a few mouse traps might be helpful for one or two mouses in your home, lucky you if the problem gets over with this only, but often the problem is more serious than that. There could be many more mice hiding during day time and create nuisance only at night.

In the Hornsby areas, rat infestation is a common problem and we are approached by many home and business owners and now they are living happily without any fear of rodents coming back again. So, if you’ve got rats in your place, call us quickly to get a permanent solution to terminate them from your property.

Effective spider control treatment in Hornsby

World’s deadliest spiders include the Funnel-web, White-Tailed, Red Backs, Wolf Spiders and the Black House Spider. If any of these is noticed in your home or business premises, it can give you a very spiteful bite that could make you sick, or worse. They are especially dangerous to children.

Tom’s Pest Control in Hornsby provides top quality spider control treatment service to its clients. We understand that controlling spiders can be done effectively with proper identification of their species because for every species the treatment is specific. We have years of experience and knowledge in this domain, so we can effectively do this.

Moth treatment methods

Moths have been causing huge damages to clothes, carpets, wool, fur and stored food in Hornsby. Moth infestation can’t be easily detected because they live in dark places such as wardrobes, under the bed and pantries. Moth infestation is a huge problem for homeowners and to get rid of them you need to immediately call professionals.

We are known as the most reputed, professional and experienced pest control service provider in Hornsby. Our crew is expert and knowledgeable in detecting and exterminating moths in both homes or offices. You can reach us to get rid of these pesky pests at an unbeatable price.

Commercial Pest Control in Hornsby

Have you ever considered the impact of pest infestation on your business? If it happens at your commercial place, are you prepared to handle it?

By not having a proper pest control plan, businesses take a big risk on their brand reputation, maintaining the quality of their service and retaining customers. So, if you have not planned to manage pests, it is advisable that do something about it. The best thing you can do is to approach a professional pest control company like us.

We offer a full range of pest management solutions to commercial clients tailored to suit the needs of the specific business. Our experts have designed our solutions in such a way that there will be zero or very little disruption to your staff and clients. Depending on the nature of your business and your particular needs, we can provide dependable & regular maintenance plans to make sure that your business remains free of pests.

Tom’s Pest Control follows a process to terminate your pest issues. It includes the following steps:

  • Listen to the client’s pest issues
  • Inspect the place
  • Identify the pests and their species
  • Deliver a quick and long-term solution
  • Ongoing regular scheduled treatments

Pests are risky for your business, no matter what industry you’re in. With help from our affordable pest control crew though, your customers, staff and reputation are always protected. For this reason, we believe that commercial pest control clients need an advanced and integrated approach that includes all facets of commercial pest control Hornsby. With us, protecting your interests, meeting health and safety standards and terminating pest invasions will now be easier than ever.

Competitive Prices on Commercial Pest Control

Tom’s Pest Control is an experienced and reputable commercial pest management company. We offer competitive prices together with knowledge and reliability. We always make our services affordable without compromising the quality of the work. When it comes to safety, we ensure that it will never be compromised. We use herbal products that are completely safe –no smell, no mess and provide an outstanding outcome.

Why choose us?

  • Free quotation and advice
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • On-time service
  • Identify & manage potential risks
  • Monitor & Inspect regularly
  • An integrated pest management approach
  • Licensed inspectors & technicians
  • Quick response time
  • Family, pet and environmentally friendly service

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