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For many of us, the moment we see pests like ants, cockroaches, spiders, mice and moths in our homes, we get goosebumps. You might have screamed with fear, jumped out of your seat, or froze in an absolute horror state not knowing what to do. Your arms might be tingling when thinking about it?

A pest infestation can be an absolute nightmare to have them around. But don’t worry, we’ve seen it all. Tom’s Pest Control goes out of its way to find solutions and deliver friendly, fair and reliable pest control services in Sutherland Shire to the highest standards and integrity. We are responsible and take your health and living conditions seriously.

Termite infestation treatment in Sutherland Shire

Termites are social insects that live in colonies. They are one of the major financial damage-causing pests in the world. They consume cellulose which is the primary structural component of the plants. The wood in house furniture thus is the primary food source of these devastating insects; however, they can damage non-wood material too in search of food.

As they rarely come on the surface it is usually difficult to detect their presence. They live in wall gaps, crevices, basements and other warm and humid spaces. A common sign of their presence in the presence of mud tubes in the interior or exterior of the home. You may contact us if you see these things in your home!


Bird control and prevention in Sutherland Shire

House sparrows are amongst the most abundant songbird pests found all over the world. These are small birds usually 5-8 inches in length. But they can cause major damage the health of humans as their dropping carry harmful pathogens. They are generally dependent on humans for shelter and food.

They are attracted to human-made structures as they offer many safe areas for these birds to make nests and plenty of food options. These can find their way into the buildings and affect human health. Our Affordable pest control experts in Sutherland Shire can help you in controlling the ingress of birds in your house.

Ant treatment Sutherland Shire

Odorous house ants are very common pests that are most visible during the rains as they come out of their homes which they construct in the exposed soil or under rocks or stacks of wood. They are named so as they release a foul smell when crushed.

Although these ants do not sting or bite, they contaminate the food as they have the ability to forage various types of foods rich in sweet and proteins. This ability of theirs brings them into the conflict of humans. If you find these ants in your home, please call our expert ant exterminators.


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Cockroach removal in Sutherland Shire

German cockroaches are the most widespread cockroach species around the globe and are found in homes, food processing companies, supermarkets and areas having large food reserves or are very damp and humid like sewers. They prefer living in cabinets, sinks drawers, and inside appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, microwaves and coffee makers. T

Though they do not harm humans directly by biting or stinging, they spread lots of disease-causing germs and bacteria from unsanitary areas to kitchens and pantries. You must contact our cockroach team to get permanent riddance from these nightmarish pests.

Rodent (mice/rat) pest treatment Sutherland Shire

Roof rats are bigger cousins of house mouse and true to their name, they like making their nests high above the ground in tree canopies, and vines. They are commensal rodents and are dependent on human settlements for food and shelter. They can be differentiated from their other cousins by their long hairless tails.

They are nocturnal and come out in search of food at night and make lots of scurrying noises in the attics and cause a disturbance. They are spreaders of Salmonella, leptospirosis and rat-bite fever. Beware of these rats and call our experts in Sutherland Shire.


Effective spider pest control Sutherland Shire

The common house spiders are a nuisance because of their cobwebs that it makes in the corner of the ceilings and walls. These webs are sticky and trap any insect that flies or walks into the web. These spiders abandon the webs if there are no preys and make a new web in a different location. They can live on the same web for seven years if left undisturbed. They are not very aggressive and back off when confronted. They might bite if they feel threatened. Their bites may cause slight pain, swelling or itching. But if you are frustrated by cobwebs in your house, please immediately call our arachnid division.

Moth treatment and removal Sutherland Shire

The common clothes moth, webbing clothes moth or simply clothing moth is a species of fungus moth. Pantry goods like dry grain storage attract moth species that lay their eggs in stored grains.

These pests often come into homes inside infested food packages. Once inside, their eggs hatch into larvae that eat grains, dried nuts, cereals, and a variety of processed products. The larval stage is the only stage in which these can cause food damage as the adult moth never eats. They have a tube-like structure to suck water/nectar. Professional treatment is required for handling moth infestation

Commercial services in Sutherland Shire

You have put your heart and soul into your business, but if you forget about one thing-“Pest Control Treatment”, a lot can happen to your business. Let us take care of your Sutherland Shire commercial facility so you can run your business without any disruption and have peace of mind knowing that your property is pest-free.

We hope you have never faced a situation- a client spotting a giant cockroach across your floor or ants having a party eating food crumbs outside the kitchen and rodents frightening people standing in the line to pay for their orders. Because if this happens, your business image for which you and your employees have put blood & sweat into creating over the years can be destroyed in seconds. These days, public sharing has become very easy. A customer takes a few seconds to click a photo of a pest at your premises, shares it on social media and well, you know how your story can end.

No business wants this disaster to happen in their business, and you inviting Health Department, issuing you a warning or penalty and printing your company name in the blacklist of businesses failing to obey the regulations. As a reliable and genuine pest control company in Sydney, we are committed to offering you an affordable pest control service.

Does your business in Sutherland Shire need pest management?

All commercial properties should consider routine pest management to save them from risks and damages caused by pests. We are offering our commercial pest control in:

  • Schools & other educational institutes
  • Childcare centres
  • Restaurants/ Cafes
  • Hotels & lounge
  • Hospitals & clinics
  • Shopping centres
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Community centres
  • Office buildings

Often pest problems go unnoticed until it becomes a nuisance for your employees and workers. We hope you don’t want to be that business that will be insulted online when a pest crawls across a smart customer’s foot. And you certainly don’t want your customers and employees to get sick. Allow us to manage the pest control needs of your business.

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