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When you spot spiders, ants, cockroaches and moths crawling and flying in your home, it can be a downright freaky experience, especially if you have a phobia of creepy crawlers. Their sticky webs, unpredictable way of moving and their preying methods can scare you.

What should you do if you notice pests in your house? It is suggested that you shouldn’t try sprays and other insect-killing agents available in the market because they contain harmful chemicals that can cause some allergies and breathing issues. As pest control is a complicated process, so if you don’t have knowledge and experience to treat pests, call specialists.

Tom’s Pest Control is one of the most reliable and professional companies in Western Suburbs working in this domain for many years and has handled simple to complex pest infestations successfully. Reach out to us!

Termite control & removal in Western Suburbs

According to a survey, 1 in three houses is affected by termites within their economic life structure. It is also difficult to detect these wood loving creatures till they are discovered by chance. They normally attack secluded and non-disturbed places in the house. So, if you have found a probable location infested with termites, do not break it open or disturb otherwise, termites will abandon this location and damage a new area.

There are many types of termite treatments available and you have to choose the best one based on the situation. Treatments can be done, pre-construction or soil treatment, pre-construction piping method (reusable), or post-flooring (drilling method). Call Tom’s Pest Control’s experts to guide you better.

Bird pest control in Western Suburbs

Birds can be a real nuisance because of their dropping which makes building surfaces dirty and also damage them. As birds form an important part of the ecological food chain, killing them is not a good solution. Hence, there are many non-invasive methods to keep the birds at bay.

Bird spikes or anti-roosting spikes and bird nets are the most commonly used methods used by our experts. Spikes are needle-like rods used for bird control. They are used by attaching them to building ledges, street lights, building support structures to prevent the birds from perching and roosting. Depending on your needs and infestation degree, we choose bird control methods and deliver you the best outcomes.

Ant control treatment in Western Suburbs

There are many types of ants and they are very important for the ecological balance. However, few of them do interact with human habitat and can become a nuisance and thus start acting as pests that have to be controlled. There are several ways in which the treatment for ant prevention is done like fumigation, gel-based, chemical spraying, physical blocking of the entries of ants into the home.

Our specialists in Western Suburbs select the treatment based on the stage of infestation, areas to be protected and types of ants being encountered. Contact our affordable pest control team to seek out the best treatment method for keeping your home and offices ant-free.

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Effective cockroach pest treatment

Two kinds of cockroaches are the most prevalent pests across the world. They are American and German cockroaches. Generally, cockroaches live in unsanitary and unhygienic areas but they can infest well-maintained areas as well if not checked in time. They are prolific breeders and their numbers grow up quickly.

As they like unhygienic areas, they carry a lot of dangerous pathogens on their bodies and wings and thus are super-spreaders of diseases. Even their droppings carry many bacteria that can live for years thus threatening the lives of the loving family members. Our team has effective ways of exterminating cockroaches from your property. Please contact them for a permanent solution.

Rodent (mice/rat) pest control Western Suburbs

Rodents like rats and mice are big destroyers of food reserves and property. They are equipped with sharp teeth and they continuously need something to gnaw on. They usually damage fabric furniture, wires, Air conditioning pipe insulation and bags containing food products. They have a strong sense of smell and can smell food from a long distance.

Apart from the damage, they are carriers of deadly pathogens and spread diseases like leptospirosis through their faeces. They also carry mites on their bodies which can affect humans with Murine Typhus fever, Lyme disease and Asthma. They may bite humans and cause rat-bite fever. Call our experts to save your property from rodent destruction.

Spider pest control in Western Suburbs

Spiders live by eating other insects and thus keep the insect population under control. Moreover, the majority of spiders are not harmful to humans and cannot bite humans as well. However, they also make webs in rooms which look very untidy and give a feeling that the property is ill-maintained. Few species can have venom strong enough to cause severe pain, swelling, nausea or fever etc.

If you see cobwebs in the house or if you have other insects visiting your home, you can suspect spiders will be nearby to prey on them. Spider control measures are tricky and depend on the species of the spider present. Our experts are always ready to help you out in a situation

Moths pest control Western Suburbs

The most common indication that your house is infested with moth is that your clothes will show irregular holes without any particular reason. Moths as visible to us flying are the adults who are in search of a partner to mate and reproduce. Normally this is the final stage of their life cycle. In this stage, they are not harmful as well but their larvae are the most dangerous and damaging.

Their eggs and larvae can contaminate food and cause severe health problems if consumed. The larvae also feed on clothes made of fibre and destroy them. They can also cause allergies if such clothes are worn by children. Watch out for these silent destroyers and call Tom’s Pest Control specialists for help.

Commercial pest control in Western Suburbs

Businesses should think about the health and safety issues that can arise if they don’t have solid pest management plans. If they overlook the importance of pest control, they may suffer from major risks caused by pesky pests. Business managers need to understand that if they ignore a few sightings of cockroaches or ants, they must be ready to welcome a growing population of insects that could develop very fast into an infestation affecting every aspect of their businesses.

To save your business from pest invasion, Tom’s Pest Control can play a great role. Our pest experts do a detailed pest inspection; prepare a customized treatment plan and follow-up advice on how to prevent pest problems in the future.

To create a pest-free environment, our team will check the structural issues that allow access to the intruders into commercial facilities and prepare a list of repairs to keep them out. Whether you need a one-time service to control an existing pest problem or are looking for a year-round solution that will guarantee that your business remains safe and pest-free, we’ve got you covered!

Effective, Safe and friendly Pest Control solutions for your business!

Terminating pests from your business facility is vital, but it shouldn’t pull you away from your other duties as a business owner. At Tom’s Pest Control, we are concerned about the safety of your customers and staff which is why we utilize Integrated Pest Management strategies and EPA-approved products in our pest control services. We offer effective, friendly and affordable pest control solutions to run your business operations smoothly. We help you to get back to doing what you do best.

As pest control is a necessary part of your business operations, the best way to handle them is proactively reduce the conditions that attract them. We’ll help you to do so by assessing the issues, implementing corrective actions and monitoring for improvements.

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