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Pests can be difficult to control and especially when you have ignored them at an early stage. They multiply very fast, it is important to take the necessary steps as early as you noticed them in your home or building. Tom’s Pest Control offers pest prevention and treatment throughout Wollongong to handle simple to complex infestation. If you have a pest issue, call us, we can help you!

Pests can be destructive and pose a serious health risk to humans. To save you from these risks, we have designed innovative, effective and safe pest solutions. Our team players are experienced and informative and are always ready to answer any question you have. We treat cockroaches, rodents, ants, moths, spiders, birds and termites.

Termite Treatment & Removal in Wollongong

Termites are deadly to your home. If once they get access to your home or building, they start building their in colonies and eat the wooden articles and things contain cellulose. They are the biggest enemies of your big investment because they cause a lot of damage in a short period.

We offer a free annual termite inspection as a part of our complete package. We do this because one must have their home checked at least once a year. Our technicians will thoroughly check your home for live termites and damage caused by them. If they find any sign of infestation, they will terminate them completely.

Same Day Termite Inspection In Wollongong

Termites attacking your property? Want to get rid of them permanently? Consult the experts at Tom’s Pest Control.

We have a team of termite control experts who have a deep understanding of what types of termites are to be treated. Our experts visit your property for inspection to check for the level of infestation and the type of termites attacking it. Once they find answers to these questions, they design an appropriate treatment plan for your property.

The extermination is carried out with great care to ensure effective results. Using the best of products and techniques, we aim at eradicating the termite issue from your property for the long term. Also, we make arrangements to prevent the termites from coming back to your property again.

Bird Control In Wollongong

Having roosting birds on your roofs, balconies, windows and AC Vents comes with all sorts of unwanted issues like health risk and property damage. Their droppings keep on clogging up your gutters and drains causing them to rust from the inside. Solar panels installed on terraces give them a safe and cosy place to nesting. They become less efficient due to droppings. This all demands effective bird control.

Consider a free quote from Tom’s Pest Control today as we are the bird control experts in Wollongong and can offer you a solution to exactly match your needs. We ensure a complete guarantee for pest protection at affordable prices.

Ant Pest Control

Are you seeing ants everywhere in your home? Have you noticed ants nest in the wall roof cavities of our homes, inside stored food, sugar container and kitchen slab and around electrical switches?  Ants can create a mess when nesting around in your homes.

Many people choose to try DIY methods, but these treatments are not very effective and don’t give satisfactory results. An ant infestation can be controlled effectively with professional help. Reach out to us, we are super-specialists and have a solution for all species of ants. We have invested our time in understanding their different species and their behaviour which enable us to offer you the best solution to make your home ant-free.

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Effective Pest Treatment For Cockroaches In Wollongong

Cockroaches are the common pest found in the houses of Wollongong. They are not only horrible to see when stumbling upon them at night, but they also spread bacteria like staphylococcus and streptococcus, and infect food with salmonella. If the infestation level is high, they can also asthma and allergies, so no wonder why they are considered pesky pests.

Once they enter inside the boundary of your home, it will be very difficult to get rid of them without professional pest control services. We are the most Affordable pest control company in Wollongong and can deliver you the most effective and advanced pest control solution to terminate cockroaches permanently from your area.

Rodent (Mice/Rat) Pest Control In Wollongong

Just imagine waking up in the night to drink water in the kitchen and laying eyes on some small, dark-coloured and unwanted rat drooping on the kitchen slab. Surely, you don’t want to see this in your kitchen ever, but this won’t end till the time you take some serious action. There are rats in your house and they must have entered through some gaps in the walls or doors. You can initially try using some home treatments, but still, if you are not getting any relief, reach out to us.

It’s not always easy achieving effective and reliable home pest control, but the expert rat exterminators at Tom’s Pest Control have been trained to identify the pests, they put together the right plan for you to get rid of mice and rats once and for all.

Spider Control and Prevention

Many of us have that fear of spiders. It will be very scary for you to massive spiders just hanging in front of your face, or crawling or creeping across the walls or ceiling in the middle of the night. They love dark places so usually seen in storerooms, garages, behind the doors and under the beds.

So, if you don’t want spiders to be a part of your family, call pest control exterminators for help. They make your home look messy and unwelcoming with their webs. Choose us for Affordable pest control treatment for deadly spiders. Our team will give you some tips to prevent your home spider infestation.

Moths Treatment

No one in your family would have ever thought that moths- harmless creatures can put holes in their clothes. Yes, moths are the pests that can spoil your rugs, stored food, woollen and silk fabric. It’s very unlikely although but they pose extensive damage to both home and business property.

Moth infestation can be inconvenient to the surroundings. Their hatchlings feed on protein (keratin) rich, thus, items produced using these things such as silk, wool and fleece are a danger for moth’s intake. It will be a good initiative to call us for the management of these pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Wollongong

Controlling pests in commercial areas becomes important because they might contaminate areas quickly and affect the health of staff and customers. Not only this, they can damage stocks or products or building structures. Having pests infesting your commercial zone can disturb your peace of mind and ultimately can have a large impact on your business operations.

At Tom’s Pest Control Wollongong, we provide industry-approved and premium quality pest control solutions that benefit commercial businesses. We use an integrated pest management program to fit your pest control requirements and ensure that it abides by health and security policies.

How We Can Help Your Business?

To meet sustainability standards, we terminate pests by using methods that are safe and family-friendly as well as environment-friendly. There are endless sectors of business, but no matter you are in what industry, there are probably pests that will be more than happy to infest within your walls and wardrobes etc. A preventative and integrated approach is crucial in commercial facilities because there is so much at stake. Your topmost priority is your ROI and then loyalty, safety and overall satisfaction of consumers.

Tom’s Pest Control begins with a detailed understanding of the unique pest species in your business and how they’re attracted to your facility. Environment and seasonality may be the reasons. It’s also necessary for pest control experts to closely monitor pest sightings and favourable conditions within the property such as entry points, food sources, harbourage and moisture or humidity levels. By identifying these conditions, we prepare a comprehensive prevention game plan.

You can no doubt buy hazardous insecticides, sprays and traps and try to remove disease-carrying pests. But hiring a reputable pest control company will ensure full extermination with a complete guarantee. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your family and pets will be safe from unsafe chemicals. So, save your time, effort and money and also, safeguard yourself from pest-related health problems by using an advanced, experienced, trustworthy & cheap pest control service for ridding your home from pests.

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